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luxury jones aurora lady

My New Favorite: Luxury Jones Melrose

  Luxury Jones Melrose: Cutest. Boutique. Evs. Here’s the thing about LA: it’s so often so much more than what you expect it to be when you move here. Yes, there’s that layer…

east la map aurora lady

The Best Day in East LA

There are things I definitely love: coconut milk ice cream, vanilla scents, head rubs, and maps. Maps are an odd selection because I am perpetually lost; not by any intention but by my…

sandra and bryan aurora lady

Words and Guitar: A Portrait for Sandra and Bryan

Sandra’s a total sweetie– she commissioned this portrait of her husband, Bryan, and herself for their wedding anniversary. Daisies, pets, music, and books? I was all over this one! When I create portraits…

chrissa sparkles aurora lady

Chrissa Sparkles + Aurora Lady = Sparklecast!

Last week, my friend Chrissa Sparkles and I got together and she interviewed me for her Sparklecast. We talked it ALL out– crazy exercise contraptions, art, growing up in the late ’90’s, and…

kate durbin hello selfie

You’re Invited to HELLO SELFIE! by Kate Durbin

I’m so excited to be part of a performance created by one of my favorite artists, Kate Durbin! I hope to see you for this special event!

aurora lady kate durbin

What I Wore with Kate Durbin

Kate and I in a rose garden.   Typical. xoxo

Aurora Lady Untamed Instincts Tanya Ramirez

How to Get the Brightly Colored Hair of Your Dreams

Here’s the deal with sporting a hair color like blue on your noggin: you’re gonna get a ton of attention. Strangers will look. Babies will coo. Kids will ask if you hang out…

aurora lady i wanted more

I Wanted More

  I haven’t had the words to articulate how I feel about the SCOTUS/Hobby Lobby decision. So I made this instead.

commission Aurora Lady

Pink Hair and Cats Make a Happy Portrait

When Mandy came to me asking for a special commissioned portrait, I was super stoked. See, Mandy wanted something for her guy’s birthday. The two of them are very close, with lots of…

san gabriel valley comic aurora lady

Aurora Lady and Kim Burly at The San Gabriel Valley Comic Book Expo

June 28th is gonna be huge– I’ll be at the San Gabriel Valley Comic Book Expo with my friend Kim Burly. More specifically, we’ve been asked to speak on a panel about women…


Why I Quit Facebook (And Will Probably Join All Over Again)

Facebook: It’s basically the bane of my existence. My nemesis. My El Guapo, if you will. Let me start at the beginning. Facebook used to be fun for me– a breezy way to…

Aurora Lady Jennifer Emerling

For Those of You who Find Yourself Absent from Your Mother, on Mother’s Day

photo by Jennifer Emerling.   For those whose mother’s have passed on or are estranged from– I have found my own ways of getting through this difficult day, and I wanted to share…

Aurora Lady The Blood Club

The Blood Club

I’m so sick of period jokes.   I will seriously be your nursemaid if you call me when you are on your period and tell me you just can’t hang anymore. I made…

Daisy Noemi Aurora Lady

Meet Me at Skylight Books This Saturday!

This Saturday, May 3rd, is California Bookstore Day! Photo by the magnificent Daisy Noemi. I was selected as one of a few Southern California creatives to participate in the “Ask a Zinester” event…

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