It’s Me, Aurora!

Do you have a secret stash of vintage Sassy magazines tucked under your princess canopy bed?  Does that episode of My So-Called Life where Rayanne Graff goes to the hospital get you every. single. time? Are you a riot grrrl? An urban princess? A ‘zine fiend? A karaoke virtuoso? A tear-stained prom ticket, in the shape of a girl?

I like you already. Let’s make art together.


Very Important Facts

I draw portraits of gorgeous people like you—plus couples, families, beloved pets & BFFs.

♡ I make posters for indie bands & bawdy performers—like Sound and Vision FoundationDuck Egg TheatreThurston MooreXIU XIUQuasi & Nerf Herder.

♡ I do commissioned projects (like miniature murals, jean jacket pins, collectible postcards & custom t-shirt designs) for fellow girl pop visionaries—and folks who ask nicely.

♡ And once a month, I lead Live Drawing Classes for Radical ‘Teens (& their ‘Rents) in Pasadena, Ca. It’s a bonding experience for moms & sons, dads & daughters. With inky watercolors. And shredded high school scrapbooks. And music that rocks, across the generations. You should probably buy a ticket.


Fancy-Schmancy Resume Gold

♡ I hold a BA in Fine Arts*, and a PhD in thrift shop treasure-hunting**.

♡ I was an artist-in-residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts and Sciences, where I discovered the indescribable joy of having my very own painting studio, and interns at my disposal. Tres luxe.

♡ I do solo shows & group exhibitions around Los Angeles and Long Beach every season or so, and sell prints & original pieces in my swoon-worthy Shop.

♡ I’ve been highlighted online (& in print) at Indiemade, The LA Record, The Brooklyn Review, The Fresno Bee, Fresno Famous, LAist, Agent Lover, Apocalypstick, Unicorns For Socialism & Vianza. One writer described my work as “whimsical, yet sweetly erotic” and full of “loopy glee.” And they say journalism is dead!

*actual degree

**should be an actual degree



All You Really Need To Know

I’m here to make your dreams come true—whether it’s a portrait of you & your Boy Band crush, locked in a slow dance… or a faux-band poster, starring you & your three best friends… or a pocket-sized painting of your superhero alter-ego, saving the world from Walmart. Art makes anything possible.

Want to send me a love note, book a portrait session, or pitch a project of heart-wrenching proportions? G’head—proposition me.

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