Hi! I’m Aurora Lady. I’m a Girl Pop Visual Artist nestled deep in the sparkly corners of Los Angeles.

As a child growing up in the evergreen forests of Northern California, I found corners of closets and the burrowed areas of shrouded trees to be my enchanted, safe place. It was easy for me to create my own escape from a less than idyllic reality— I had no shortage of imagination and responded by blanketed myself in a cocoon of creation.

As I grew older, my glimmering unreal worlds fell away like a cracked shell, leaving me to deal with the small towns, constant moving, and unsafe situations I was surrounded by. That’s where punk rock came in and lifted me up. People say it all the time, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true: punk rock saved my life. I dug my heels into connecting via music, zines, and the DIY ethic. I still hold these things close to my heart, and they find their hand in everything I create.

Now I use watercolor, pen and ink, and blank t-shirts to create my world. The princesses and unicorns are long gone, replaced by what is Right Now and What Can Be. My original pieces, illustrated wearables, and zines all zing with the spirit of pure love for women and community.

My most recent art project has been an ethically produced, female powered tee shirt line. These illustrated wearables are donned all over L.A. by authors and creators that are life-altering heroines in the story of my life.

I also paint original works meant specifically to make you look twice, grimace, and maybe even smile. My editorial illustrations have been featured in publications such as DUM DUM Zine, Cut Out & Keep, and more. I’m the illustrator for The Pussyhat Project, which has been featured everywhere from Time Magazine, The New Yorker, and some other places you might have heard of. I also love to take on private commission work (really– don’t be shy about emailing me your ideas!)

A big part of my art life is also giving talks in the L.A. zine community and writing pieces about my art practice–which I’ve named LIVING ART.  Want even more? I’ll go direct to your inbox if you sign up for my missives here.

I’m so glad you found me, and I’m glad you are here. Let’s be friends.