Cathedral of Rebellion

I’m Miss World

There’s only one Courtney Love. And she’s had a place in my life for a long time. When I was a young teen, my life was pretty chaotic. We were moving around every…


Cathedral of Rebellion: A Hollywood St. Marilyn Adventure!

When I was working on my St. Marilyn artwork, I also enrolled in Monroe Boot Camp. Basically, that meant going through her movies on Netflix, studying photos of her, reading everything I could…


Cathedral of Rebellion: St. Antoinette

Doe Deere had the idea for St. Antoinette. It was one I immediately took to– as soon as she suggested it, fantastic, very detailed imagery came crashing through my head. My version of…


Cathedral of Rebellion: St. Lydia

I remember the first time I saw Beetlejuice. I was 12; and I was just entering the head space that our fabulous St. Lydia had already been firmly anchored in. You know that…


The Sweet Shoppe is Open!

Today is the day!   Check out my spankin’ new webstore, where I’ll be housing all of the Cathedral of Rebellion Saints. I created the Sweet Shoppe knowing that there needed to a…


Aurora Lady <3’s Lime Crime!

So here’s the short story: Doe Deere and her husband Mark moved out to Los Angeles a little over a year ago, and I saw them at a show at Japan LA, and…

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