debonee morgan aurora lady

Aurora Lady on “Innersexions” with Debonee Morgan, LMFT

Two nights ago, I hopped on Skype with Debonee Morgan. Debonee is kind of amazing. I met her a few years ago, but only recently have had the pleasure of getting to know…

la zine fest aurora lady kim burly

Save The Date: LA Zine Fest 2014!

So here’s the deal: you + me + Kim Burly = LA Zine Fest 2014! I know it’s all the way out in February of next year, but really, that’s only a few…

Annabelle Aurora Lady

Birthday Time: A Portrait for Annabelle

A month or so ago, my friend Taryn started planning for her nieces birthday. Annabelle was turning 13, and that’s an important one. She had a ton of good ideas–I mean, can anyone…

How to Survive Being a Teenager Aurora Lady

How To Survive Being a Teenager

A little something I wrote up for a friend of a friend, who is turning 13. Age 13 was easily my most agonizing year– three middle schools in the span of nine months…

If not now, when? Aurora Lady

If Not Now, When?

So much of our lives is questioning– questioning our abilities, our worthiness, our capabilities. The truth is, most of the time we should just do. Beth Edwards had the right idea when she…

Aurora Lady Body Image

How to Stop Caring about Weight Loss and Start Caring About Yourself

My declaration of bravery: exposed legs at the Hotel Figueroa. Here’s the truth: I have a hard time with my weight. Trite, no? White girl problem? I’M NOT WHITE, and what the fuck…

Spork Foods Aurora Lady

Art with Spork Foods!

Spork Foods is something special. They’re a duet of pleasures, really. Heather and Jenny are two sisters who run their own organic vegan cooking classes, straight outta Los Angeles. You can go ahead…

zine culture taryn hipp heavy hangs the head lisa congdon

An Interview with Taryn Hipp, Upon the Release of “Heavy Hangs The Head”

It’s no secret that I love me some Taryn Hipp. She is one of my favorite writers–zine or otherwise– and she’s a good friend to boot. In fact, I love her work so…

Aurora Lady Fang Gang

“The Fang Gang”, aka An Exercise On Gangs, Girlfriends, and Identities

At long last, here are my “Fang Gang” portraits. I waited to post them up because I wanted people to be a leeetle surprised when they saw them at “Glitz and Pixie Stix”….


The Fang Gang: Smile’s Story

Smiles had just arrived home to Los Angeles (secluded Mt. Washington, to be exact) from Ecuador. She felt like she was walking through a thick fog, and it had nothing to do with…


The Fang Gang: Cate’s Story

Cate loved the number eleven. This love started after an intense distaste of numbers and number related subjects…otherwise known as SCHOOL. Eleven was different from the other numbers. It could only be divided…

The Fang Gang Sera 6

The Fang Gang: Sera’s Story

  Sera had gotten sick of going to the same place, at the same time, each and every day. She knew she wanted more: more shimmering light in the morning, more sparks when…

Doe Deere Flamingo

Doe Deere– Happy (Late) Birthday to You!

You know how there are some people you just need to celebrate? Doe Deere is one of them. And not just because her birthday was last Saturday. Although, I have to admit that…

aurora lady sara routh road(s)

Sara Routh “Road(s)” Cover Artwork

I wanted to share the cover art I did for Sara Routh. Sara and I worked together to conceptualize what her new album, “Road(s)” was all about– what feeling she wanted the cover…


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