The Fang Gang: Smile’s Story

Smiles had just arrived home to Los Angeles (secluded Mt. Washington, to be exact) from Ecuador. She felt like she was walking through a thick fog, and it had nothing to do with…


The Fang Gang: Cate’s Story

Cate loved the number eleven. This love started after an intense distaste of numbers and number related subjects…otherwise known as SCHOOL. Eleven was different from the other numbers. It could only be divided…

The Fang Gang Sera 6

The Fang Gang: Sera’s Story

  Sera had gotten sick of going to the same place, at the same time, each and every day. She knew she wanted more: more shimmering light in the morning, more sparks when…

Doe Deere Flamingo

Doe Deere– Happy (Late) Birthday to You!

You know how there are some people you just need to celebrate? Doe Deere is one of them. And not just because her birthday was last Saturday. Although, I have to admit that…

aurora lady sara routh road(s)

Sara Routh “Road(s)” Cover Artwork

I wanted to share the cover art I did for Sara Routh. Sara and I worked together to conceptualize what her new album, “Road(s)” was all about– what feeling she wanted the cover…

Renee Olstead Aurora Lady

How To Get Out of A Blog Slump

A photo I took of Renee Olstead in my backyard, when I was feeling the beginnings of a creative slump take hold.   Dear Aurora,I’m in a blog slump and I think I’d…

Screen shot 2013-04-02 at 9.06.28 PM

Top Three List: Fashion Blogs and the Women Who Loved Them

It’s hard to image a world where fashion blogs and What I Wore posts weren’t commonplace. But that world once existed…and I remember it! I’ve been revisiting some of my favorite blogs of…


Life Lessons: An All Text Coloring Book Photoshoot

I’ll be frank- winter isn’t the easiest time for me. I don’t know how I’d handle it in a place that has REAL winters…LA’s cold is peppered with a little bit of rain…


Make A Dream Come True! Donut Time with Suzanne Wachtel

I found out about Suzanne Wachtel through a mutual friend on Facebook. It was one of those strange, by chance things and I was instantly charmed. Suzanne is fundraising so that she can…


“Hush”, an Installation by Laura Goldstone at the Fresno Art Museum

I met Laura Goldstone when we were both art babies– freshman in the art department at Fresno State University. I knew I liked her when I heard her singing “Teenage Suicide: Don’t Do…


Cleaning Piece III, by Yoko Ono

I love me some Yoko Ono. Who’s in with me on this delicate,  beautiful, and actionable Cleaning Piece? I’m starting a.) tomorrow morning. xo


I’m Miss World

There’s only one Courtney Love. And she’s had a place in my life for a long time. When I was a young teen, my life was pretty chaotic. We were moving around every…

Mandy Illustration Web-Ready

Zaftig Clothing is Making your New Favorite Dress!

Mandy Fierens is one of my favorite people—she’s the smarty otherwise known as “The Curvy Blogger”; a photographer, model, and designer all wrapped in one delightful package. When Mandy told me about Zaftig…


Sparklelux! An Interview and Giveaway with Miss Tayva

Tayva Martinez is someone I’ve known since we were both super teens– as a matter of fact, she was the Super Duper Teen to my Trying to Find my Landlegs Teen. Now that…

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