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Aurora Lady Untamed Instincts Tanya Ramirez

How to Get the Brightly Colored Hair of Your Dreams

Here’s the deal with sporting a hair color like blue on your noggin: you’re gonna get a ton of attention. Strangers will look. Babies will coo. Kids will ask if you hang out…


Why I Quit Facebook (And Will Probably Join All Over Again)

Facebook: It’s basically the bane of my existence. My nemesis. My El Guapo, if you will. Let me start at the beginning. Facebook used to be fun for me– a breezy way to…

Aurora Lady Jennifer Emerling

For Those of You who Find Yourself Absent from Your Mother, on Mother’s Day

photo by Jennifer Emerling.   For those whose mother’s have passed on or are estranged from– I have found my own ways of getting through this difficult day, and I wanted to share…


Next Level Business Workshop at The Hub LA

I don’t know if you know this, but I’m kinda totally into small businesses and DIY. Like, really into it. I learned about DIY when I was a teenager, reading about Riot Grrrl…

y of Handmade Aurora Lady

Story Time: Creating a Fantasy for Your Product

When I started, I know that I wanted to think bigger thank just posting my art up on a website. That meant keeping my ears and eyes open for ideas, and learning…

How to Survive Being a Teenager Aurora Lady

How To Survive Being a Teenager

A little something I wrote up for a friend of a friend, who is turning 13. Age 13 was easily my most agonizing year– three middle schools in the span of nine months…

Aurora Lady Body Image

How to Stop Caring about Weight Loss and Start Caring About Yourself

My declaration of bravery: exposed legs at the Hotel Figueroa. Here’s the truth: I have a hard time with my weight. Trite, no? White girl problem? I’M NOT WHITE, and what the fuck…

Renee Olstead Aurora Lady

How To Get Out of A Blog Slump

A photo I took of Renee Olstead in my backyard, when I was feeling the beginnings of a creative slump take hold.   Dear Aurora,I’m in a blog slump and I think I’d…


Staying Motivated: A How-To

Here’s something you might not know unless you know me in person: I’ve struggled with my weight for the past ten years. It’s not a dramatic story; I just go through bouts of…


How to Wear a T-shirt, Three Different Ways

Confession time: I don’t wear too many t-shirts. Most of the time, I like to lounge around in dresses and jumpers. But when I got a hold of the new “Love is Free”…


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