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What I Wore with Kate Durbin

Kate and I in a rose garden.   Typical. xoxo

aurora lady jacket


When this word appeared in my life two weeks ago, I couldn’t get it out of my head. A quaintrelle is the female equivilent of a dandy. I want that word on me,…

What I Wore Aurora Lady

What I Wore: On The Fringe

L.A. is a special place. No longer how long you’ve been here, there’s always something new to discover. Me? I’ve only had my body planted in Southern California for a little over three…

Aurora Lady What I Wore Lady Teeth

What I Wore: Show Me Your (Lady) Teeth

Here’s the thing: I am crazy proud of the things my friends do. We all work hard on different things. Some of us are working on projects that have been in the works…

What I Wore 1July Aurora Lady

What I Wore: Geometics and Eye Fangs

Ok, true story: I very rarely go out. The truth is, 90 percent of my time is spent painting, glittering, or glueing. When I’m doing these things, I’m typically in a ratty tshirt…


What I Wore: I Am Already Perfect

My aesthetic exists somewhere between a nightmare and reality. My dreamworld is my comfortable place because my sleeptime is so very vivid. I have visions that push back at me during the day,…

Aurora Lady What I Wore April 2013

What I Wore: Gingerbread Jumpers and Revalations

Let’s talk about jumpers! Alright, I know that overalls and jumpers are usually saved for three year olds and uniforms, but how could I resist this brown corduroy number that makes me feel…

Aurora Lady In the Flowers

What I Wore: Pastels in the Spring

Normally, I’m  not a pastel kinda gal. I like my colors bright and saturated. But every once in awhile, I get a wild hair and see something pastel that I feel like I…


What I Wore: Bunny In The Bandshell!

Some mornings, you just wake up with the intense need to sport some bunny ears. This was my outfit for having no plans at all, save for drawing. Jenn was spending some time…


What I Wore: Crab Legs!

So here’s the deal: for the past year, most of the time, I’m slummin’ around in painting clothes. It’s a big deal for me to get dressed up now. It almost can be…


What I Wore: A New Direction

I’m about to turn 32. It’s a special number for me—it sounds so adult! This past year has been a real work in progress, discovering that I am, in fact, capable of making…


What I Wore: 6.16.12

Yesterday, Jenn and I spent the afternoon trolling around Los Angeles. It was really great because even though we both live in the same city, we are both so crazy busy that getting…


Diamonds are my New Best Friend?!

I’ve never considered myself a diamond woman. Fake rubies? Yes. Giant costume-y rhinestones? Holy yes. But diamonds? Like, real, Marilyn Monroe diamonds? The closest I got to diamonds were my wedding ring and…


What I Wore: 2.12.2012

Candy apple red is major for me right now, so I totally went for it when I saw this sweet dress at the thrift store over the weekend. It was a little more…


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