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The Best Day in East LA

There are things I definitely love: coconut milk ice cream, vanilla scents, head rubs, and maps. Maps are an odd selection because I am perpetually lost; not by any intention but by my…

Daisy Noemi Aurora Lady

Meet Me at Skylight Books This Saturday!

This Saturday, May 3rd, is California Bookstore Day! Photo by the magnificent Daisy Noemi. I was selected as one of a few Southern California creatives to participate in the “Ask a Zinester” event…

maximum rocknroll aurora lady

Don’t Hide Behind Your Skirt in Maximum Rocknroll

Stoked that my little zine, Don’t Hide Behind Your Skirt, was reviewed in the May 2014 issue of Maximum Rocknroll.   Accurate!   xoxo

debonee morgan aurora lady

Aurora Lady on “Innersexions” with Debonee Morgan, LMFT

Two nights ago, I hopped on Skype with Debonee Morgan. Debonee is kind of amazing. I met her a few years ago, but only recently have had the pleasure of getting to know…

Don't Hide Behind Your Skirt Aurora Lady

Pre-Order the Special Edition of “Don’t Hide Behind Your Skirt”

Don’t Hide Behind Your Skirt is pretty special to me. It details experiences that I haven’t really been able to share with people before– but now, it feels right to share. I just…

dont hide behind your skirt pop hop aurora lady

Don’t Hide Behind Your Skirt Release Party at Pop Hop in Highland Park

I made a zine about my father, growing stronger, and my quest for a girl gang. If you’ve ever dealt with abuse and the fallout of the experience, I wrote this for you….

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Save The Date: LA Zine Fest 2014!

So here’s the deal: you + me + Kim Burly = LA Zine Fest 2014! I know it’s all the way out in February of next year, but really, that’s only a few…


How You Can Be a Part of LA Zine Fest!

2012 LA Zine Fest artwork by Simon Sotelo If you know me at all, then you’ll know that I am a complete believer in the power of zines. Not just because I’ve read…


The _____est Girl In The World, in your hot little hands.

Today’s the day! As of right now, you can order “The _____est Girl In The World”. And YES! Here are (some of!) the goodies that will also be sent with your package if…

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