Cathedral of Rebellion


Declaration of The Seven Saints

You’ve been in the confessional booth before. The tall, dark, cramped wooden box is familiar, and that sense of guilt is not nearly as delicious as the sin you committed earlier– you tried to resist, really! There’s always more to tell, no matter how many times you visit.
You’re part of a sisterhood of sinners, and you know it. You kneel down. You want to heal. You resolve to do better.  Each time, you hope for the same thing: a moment of transformation.

The “Cathedral of Rebellion” is a collection of Seven Saints: women who have lived both sweet and with gusto, often with consequences that simply weren’t intended (although, notably, they certainly weren’t all regrettable). They’re women that lived with both their hearts on their sleeves and their secrets hidden behind smiles. Often revered, sometimes loathed– they are ladies that inspire everyone to be decisive in their scrutiny of their behavior. Despite this intoxicatingly turbulent fate, they were hell-bent on following their own path– and that is the true testament of their magnetic mettle.

This spring, worship at the altar of your favorite bad girls. Wear your icon on your lapel, in your cube at work, on your bike–wherever you need a reminder to stay strong and invoke the power of your respective “Cathedral of Rebellion” Saint.

After all, they gave their lives for you.