Girls Girls Girls Manifesto

The GirlsGirlsGirls Manifesto

I believe that art is a window. A portal. A magical potion.
And that life is a masterpiece, in perpetual motion.

I have learned that pain should be felt, then archived with clarity.
And that My So-Called Life marathons are better than therapy.


I worship at the altar of Her Holiness, Drew Barrymore.
I live in the pages of Sassy & Bust.
I remember that time you refused to leave home
because the sun was too bright
and you needed to be alone.


I paint, because your just-bought-tickets-to-Sleater-Kinney smile needs to be caught.
I draw, because your Boston Terrier is posing like the Buddha. And we’ve got one shot.
I sketch, because your outfit’s so fierce, my heart’s going to burst.
I listen, because the best lessons in life are unscheduled. Unrehearsed.


I’m in love with your t-shirt, your mission, your mind.
Just live & be strong. Create & be kind.


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