I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend

Just got done visiting my brilliant stylist, Tanya. Sidenote– I feel so adult saying I have a “stylist”. As usual, I came out feeling a little more magical. Tanya whipped out some space-age, Ramones-style inspiration for this cut (and did so, in an impressively scant three minute period!), and I couldn’t be happier. It’s so much more rock and roll!


*I’m wearing Lime Crime’s Glamour 101 on my lips, from their Lip Noir collection. I used to carry their saturated orange with me all the time, but with the season changing, it’s been replaced by this deep raisin red. I can’t get enough! It reminds me of Courtney Love and all the best things about junior high–which was really only hanging out with my bff, Crystal, and planning the band we would someday form. Anyhow, check them out. Lime Crime makes me very happy.

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  1. DAMMIT you look awesome! Christ, you look so good I’m almost MAD!!!

    Not really, I promise. It’s just that my hair got so sick of being bleached that it started breaking off, so I’ve had to let it grow in and create a tri-tone effect until I grow out enough to be assured my next round of processing won’t make me bald. And I’m getting a little tense about it.

    Anyway, feel good, hot stuff. You look fab as hell.

  2. your hair — wow! i love it!

  3. Love it all! Also, I can’t help but notice you remind me of Karen O from Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Awesome!

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