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A few weeks ago, the curator over at The Gold Reich contacted me about answering some questions for their blog. They are also the hosts of the all female group show I am part of on November 17th, called, “Prismatic”.  You can check out the interview here. For the post, Jennifer Emerling shot some fabulous portraits and also took some photos of my studio. Since I adored those studio photos so much, I wanted to share them all here as well!

Here it is– the Aurora Lady Studio Tour!

This is the first home I’ve ever lived in which has allowed me the opportunity to set up a dedicated studio space. I’ve always cornered off a living room, or part of the bedroom…there was even a point where I would paint on the restroom floor (I was lucky to have a restroom to do that in!). I’ve taken advantage of the space by putting all of my inspirations up on the walls. Look out corkboard, I’ve got pins and I’m not afraid to use them!

I finally bought a sewing machine at the beginning of last year. If you are on my Instagram (add me at Aurocka, if you haven’t already!), then you know that this gal is my best friend when it comes to both fabric and art projects. Above it is a poster I made especially for the studio space.

My supply ladder– this beast is so handy! I keep most of my books on shelves in different rooms (it’s a very book heavy environment over here!), but I keep my issues of Lula and the Rookie Yearbook at hand for quick jolts of inspiration. I bought those heart lights in the dollar section at Target. Here’s a tip– make sure to check out the dollar section in January for helpful organizational supplies, and in February for super cute goodies. So fun!

More corkboard goodness! Pretty sure I bought these corkboards also in the dollar section at Target in January. I just spray painted the frames so they went with the rest of the studio. On these corkboards you’ll find everything from Jenn’s photographs to my little friend Mollie’s drawings, to magazine cut outs to Valentines.

I keep notebooks full of magazine cut outs. I still like Lady Gaga and cat hats. I also still like coasters from Fresno’s finest conceptual artist, Adam Marler.

More corkboard inspiration above my drafting table! I found that adorable Hello Kitty pencil holder at the Goodwill. That place never fails me!

My favorite New Yorker, Blair Waldorf. Jenn made this Valentine for me last year, and I will treasure it always.

I do a lot better if my goals are laid out in front of me. I’m trying to get better about updating my whiteboard and keeping things current. This system really holds me accountable and helps me to get things done.

I made this backpack especially for holding a particular size of watercolor paper. When I’m not carting it around filled with work, it hangs on my wall holding lovely fabric flowers. I also made a dress out of this fabric. Needless to say, I’m obsessed with it! So bright and cheerful!

How do you decorate your space? How do you organize it to make it efficient and inspirational?



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  1. Ahh, you have such a nice workspace. I haven’t had a dedicated work space in a while. I look forward to carving out my own space… hopefully soon!

    • Mary, I heard you were moving?! That’s always the best. THE. BEST. I love setting things up and having fresh new space. Good luck!

  2. Hey there !!

    Happy Birthday !! Cammila from Dressed up like a lady told us !!

    Loving your blog AND YOUR STUDIO !!
    can’t wait to stay connected :)

    Much Love
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    The Heiress Blog

    • Heiress, thanks so much for checking me out! I love Cammila, she’s a total doll! Checked out your blog too– love! xo

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