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Tromahn Cat!

My friend Nicole loves her cat! She talks about her all the time, and they are truly a power couple. So when she asked me to do a Princess portrait of her sweetie…


Cathedral of Rebellion: St. Lydia

I remember the first time I saw Beetlejuice. I was 12; and I was just entering the head space that our fabulous St. Lydia had already been firmly anchored in. You know that…


Spring hopes Eternal: Part II

Here’s the second part of our shoot, “Spring hopes Eternal”. Photographed by: Jennifer Emerling Hair by: Tanya Ramirez Make Up by: Danie Cansino Styled by: Aurora Lady Words by: Alexandra Franzen Model: Alexandra…


Diamonds are my New Best Friend?!

I’ve never considered myself a diamond woman. Fake rubies? Yes. Giant costume-y rhinestones? Holy yes. But diamonds? Like, real, Marilyn Monroe diamonds? The closest I got to diamonds were my wedding ring and…


Spring hopes Eternal: Part I

A fashion story, told in three parts.   Part I: Photographed by: Jennifer Emerling Hair by: Tanya Ramirez Make Up by: Danie Cansino Styled by: Aurora Lady Words by: Alexandra Franzen Model: Alexandra…


Getting Fresh with Lenora Jayne

                             Photo of Lenora Jayne by Brooke Nipar for the Badoo Project Lenora Jayne is a self-described “Brooklyn-based & Neptune-bound illustrator, designer & creative dilettante”. How fabulous is that?! I hope she comes…


The Sweet Shoppe is Open!

Today is the day!   Check out my spankin’ new webstore, where I’ll be housing all of the Cathedral of Rebellion Saints. I created the Sweet Shoppe knowing that there needed to a…


Stanley Tucci’s Finishing School for Teenaged Boys

These were my thoughts on my way home from work on Friday evening: I have always liked Stanley Tucci– especially his dad role in “Easy A”. How rad would it be to have…


Aurora Lady <3′s Lime Crime!

So here’s the short story: Doe Deere and her husband Mark moved out to Los Angeles a little over a year ago, and I saw them at a show at Japan LA, and…


A Conversation with Kim Burly Schoelen, Author of “My Drunk Year”

When I found out that my friend Kim had written a zine about her experiences within the last year, I was overwhelmed. She’s gone through a lot in the past 12 months: a…


The New Collection: Announcing the Cathedral of Rebellion!

  This spring, worship at the altar of your favorite bad girls. Wear your icon on your lapel, in your cube at work, on your bike–wherever you need a reminder to stay strong…


An Interview with “Heaven and Hell”‘s Gabrielle Gamboa

Gabrielle Gamboa is a busy lady. She’s a creator in all faucets of life: a portrait artist, a zine maker, a teacher– is there anything this gem of a woman can’t do?! I…


Back In The Saddle Again

After almost a six-month hiatus, I’m BACK! What I mean is, I’m back to accepting your incredible commissions into my regular sched.   It’s been an awesome little vacay–I’m still with the company…


Annakim Violette: Los Angeles Dream Girl

When I first moved to L.A., I only knew one person…and I knew of about 100. Annakim Violette was one of them. I’d see her randomly in pictures while scrolling through friends’ blogs,…


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