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Annakim Violette: Los Angeles Dream Girl

When I first moved to L.A., I only knew one person…and I knew of about 100. Annakim Violette was one of them. I’d see her randomly in pictures while scrolling through friends’ blogs,…


What I Wore, 3.10.12: Put Your Pants On!

If there is one thing I know about myself, it is that I am not a person who wears pants. Or so I thought. I found a three piece suit at my friend…


This Week’s Favorites

I had such a blast last week sharing my favorites with you (I am a list maker, after all!) that I thought I would do it again. Who knows– maybe it’ll happen regularly?…


Introducing Elizabeth Sarah: An Interview

I don’t remember how the fates brought us together, but I’ve been scoping out Elizabeth Sarah’s photography for what seems like years now. Her work is loose and natural, with hints of nostalgia,…


Happy International Women’s Day! 8 Things You Can Do To Make It Even More Awesome.

Today: * Text, call, or email your female friends and let them know you love them and appreciate everything they go through! * Work on your own pet project, and make steps toward…


Current Faves

Let’s get personal. Here’s what I’m diggin’ on, right about now. Jenn lent me her copy of Design Sponge at Home. What an inspiring read! I can’t get over the peach room in…


Courting Michael Showalter, or; an Interview with “Marry Me, Michael Showalter”‘s Sylvia Masuda

Sylvia’s zine, “Marry Me, Michael Showalter”, had me laughing so hard that I absolutely had to get a hold of her for an interview! She’s all kinds of funny and charming, as you’ll…


I Never Believed in Much, But I Believed in You

Just finished this small commission for my friend Rachael. I had a lot of fun putting together the elements–she’s always snapping photos of others. And I couldn’t resist the Neil Young lyrics. The…


LA Zine Fest

I went to LA Zine Fest with nostalgia colored glasses on– I guess that means they have lots of lens flare. You see, I’ve been out of the loop for a long while…


Happy Valentine’s Day Crafternoon! <3

Two weeks ago, I invited my friends over for a Valentine’s Day Crafternoon at my place! I was so happy with how things turned out– loads of snacks (Strawberries! Champagne! Cookies from cutie…


What I Wore: 2.12.2012

Candy apple red is major for me right now, so I totally went for it when I saw this sweet dress at the thrift store over the weekend. It was a little more…


Ramiro Gomez at Pehrspace this Saturday: Rose Gardens, Cholas, and Vinyl

Gomez: “The connection between Goth girls and Chola girls was very interesting to me.“ I met Ramiro Gomez a few months ago at an art show in downtown Los Angeles. Here is one…


Girls Get Busy Manifesto

Sometimes I need a little reminder of my roots, you know? Once upon a time, I was a really cool kid, doing stuff, making things, believing in my own power. Sometimes I forget…


Just Because Nutter Butters are Vegan, Doesn’t Mean They’re Lunch; Or, I Pulled the Ultimate New Year’s Cliche and Joined a Gym

Classic: When January started, I signed up for a gym. It’s not what you think though. Well, only kinda. The first week of the new year, I received an email notifying me that…


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