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Puppyface aurora lady

Puppyface at Doggie Wonderland at Leanna Lin’s

I always have a blast doing pet portraits, but this one is especially special because it’s part of the “Doggie Wonderland” show at Leanna Lin’s. It’s a benefit for Ken-Mar Rescue, a local…

maximum rocknroll aurora lady

Don’t Hide Behind Your Skirt in Maximum Rocknroll

Stoked that my little zine, Don’t Hide Behind Your Skirt, was reviewed in the May 2014 issue of Maximum Rocknroll.   Accurate!   xoxo

melissa broder aurora lady

I Leaked Me

A few weeks ago, I went to Kate Durbin’s reading for her new book, “E!”. I had an idea of what to expect, but there was a surprise I hadn’t anticipated. Kate read…

Aurora Lady Wedding Invite

Let’s Get Together: Custom Wedding Invitations!

Last year, I was asked to do something super special for my best friend– create her wedding invitations! I love weddings. LOVE them. I was never a gal who planned her own wedding,…

aurora lady jacket


When this word appeared in my life two weeks ago, I couldn’t get it out of my head. A quaintrelle is the female equivilent of a dandy. I want that word on me,…

debonee morgan aurora lady

Aurora Lady on “Innersexions” with Debonee Morgan, LMFT

Two nights ago, I hopped on Skype with Debonee Morgan. Debonee is kind of amazing. I met her a few years ago, but only recently have had the pleasure of getting to know…

Don't Hide Behind Your Skirt Aurora Lady

Pre-Order the Special Edition of “Don’t Hide Behind Your Skirt”

Don’t Hide Behind Your Skirt is pretty special to me. It details experiences that I haven’t really been able to share with people before– but now, it feels right to share. I just…

dont hide behind your skirt pop hop aurora lady

Don’t Hide Behind Your Skirt Release Party at Pop Hop in Highland Park

I made a zine about my father, growing stronger, and my quest for a girl gang. If you’ve ever dealt with abuse and the fallout of the experience, I wrote this for you….

locketship aurora lady

It’s two weeks before Christmas. Here’s your procrastinator/rad person gift guide.

I find it completely weird that I at least attempt to write a Gift Guide every year (last year didn’t make the “publish” button cut). There are tons of gift guides that come…

Aurora Lady Canyon School Auction

Get Your Good On at Canyon School!

The Canyon School is holding an auction for their annual fundraiser– and I wanted to give you a heads up, because you can find one of my originals, and plenty of other stuff…

kathleen hanna aurora lady

Your New Weekend Plan: Go See “The Punk Singer”. Now.

I am about to tell you something, and I need you to do your best to do what I say. Go right this minute to go see Kathleen Hanna’s biopic, “The Punk Singer”….

aurora lady

How To Reconcile When Your Ego Gets In The Way; Or, How I Spent my 33rd Birthday

At the beginning of November, I turned 33. In September, I started to get weird about it. I received a lot of invitations for parties on my actual birthday, which was a Saturday,…

la zine fest aurora lady kim burly

Save The Date: LA Zine Fest 2014!

So here’s the deal: you + me + Kim Burly = LA Zine Fest 2014! I know it’s all the way out in February of next year, but really, that’s only a few…

Aurora Lady Blythe Camilla Collar

My Heart Belongs to Blythe (and Cammila Collar!)

A few months ago, my friend Cammila warned me that I would be getting something in the mail, but she wouldn’t tell me what it was, and she didn’t know when it was…


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