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Getting back to basics.

There is nothing quite like laying out a huge, flat piece of paper and drawing on it. I’ve been going back to pencils and pen and ink. Keepin it real, right? I don’t…


Big ETSY Sale!

My Uncle John is the King of Cheesy Jokes. This is one of my favorites. “What did one volcano say to the other?” “I lava you.” From now until December 15, you’ll get…


What I Wore 12.10.2010

This is what December looks like in Los Angeles. The sun is shining, and I really shouldn’t even be wearing a sweater. Skirt: Victoria’s Secret Pink, bought with gift certificate Tank: Mossimo, by…


I am crazy about this pop song! So fun! It’s on repeat. Don’t worry about the video–just listen to this, turn it up, and get your spazzy kitchen dance on!


Don’t have coffee with ladies.

On Sunday, I was with Michelle for another ladydate. As usual, we got into the conversation about how we are moving with momentum toward our goals and dreams and oh-so-swiftly, I remembered the…


Ben’s Birthday Fort

Ben’s birthday was yesterday. While he was at work, I built him this fort, so that he could just come home and chill out (he started a new job this morning–so I knew…


When in Los Feliz…


Scorpio Birthday Extravaganza!

A few weeks ago, my darlings Kim and Jenn came down from Fresno to celebrate my thirtieth birthday. Chuck and I had hatched a plan to go out to the valley and have…


On My Head, All the Time.

When I lived with Laura, we had conversations about Collections. I considered Laura more of a collector than myself, because I tend to, uh, not hold onto things. Turns out I’m a LIAR!…


Dr. Sketchy’s In Eagle Rock

I went to Dr. Sketchy’s yesterday afternoon in Eagle Rock. I’d never been before. This is what I ended up with. The models were gorgeous and dressed up and it was a new…


Business cards!

  It took a few weeks, but my business cards finally came in! I love them and can’t wait to hand them out. Overnight Prints did a great job giving me exactly what…


What I Wore 9.26.2010

Today I channeled Minnie Mouse. I am head over heels for my Chubby Bunny for Hello Kitty bow. I found it while out with friends exploring Royal T and their Neverending Story show….


Dumpling Station

I was walking around downtown Pasadena on a hunt for orange lipstick (the quest never ends) and came across mecca…aka a frickin dumpling truck! Food trucks are a dime a dozen here. Everyone…





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