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Sweet Streets at Gallery Nucleus

Ben and I headed out last night to Gallery Nucleus, which was hosting an event called “Sweet Streets”. I had kept seeing it pop up on various blogs and wanted to check out…


I started a new notebook. Very exciting!



  Business cards mean business time. Call me & let’s make dreams come true.


King Courtney and The Dukes

Last Wednesday we danced to our buds King Courtney and the Dukes at the WWA Gallery in Culver City. They are becoming one of my favorites quickly, playing toy instrument covers of “I…


Breakfast of Champions

I picked up these dinosaur plums on a whim the other day at the grocery store. Do yourself a favor and indulge! They are blowing my mind.

Kimbra: Settle Down

Hello, cutie! Either you or your stylist needs to phone me, stat.


What I Wore 8.20.2010

When I decide to set foot outside our little bungalow, it’s usually in a dress, especially since there is a major heat wave passing through Los Angeles. My selections are usually determined by…


Francesca Lia Block

Meeting Francesca Lia Block two weekends ago pretty much turned me into a giddy schoolgirl. It’s been how long that I’ve been reading her work? I feel like Weetzie Bat shaped me as…


"I don’t have the heart I used to."

  I was asked to participate in William Raines annual show at Corridor 2122, the first weekend of this month. Here’s the full piece I put together.


My shoes made it onto Wildfox Couture.. Ok, this is one picture in a field of more notable pictures on that post. But, um, those are my feet and Ben’s feet. And I…

Karl in Charge

Usually I just read Fake Karl for the laughs, but the real Karl is just as mindblowing, as evidenced by the last ten seconds of this video.


True Blue.

Just practicing.

The Wedding Post

This is the Wedding Blog entry. Even though Ben and I got married almost a month ago, I wanted to wait to write “The Wedding” entry til I had pictures. When I saw…


Cat calls?

Two months later–but I am so into C. Sevingy’s line for Opening Ceremony. It’s got me making dresses in my head. They are the exact same dresses I would have worn when I…


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