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Picnic at Griffith Park

AA: “What do you like about The Silver Bullet?” BP: “That I can drink a lot of them and not get fat.”


I don’t know where she got them, but Jenn’s mother found these cookies you can draw on with food coloring pens. My friend Milissa is visiting me from Fresno. We went hiking at…

Dat’s Just my Baby Daddy.

Spent some time in Fresno, and now I’m back. So glad I got to see so many people! I’ve missed your faces.

The benefits outweigh the risks.

Anyone remember the episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation when Data had a daughter? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

For Jefferson; or Part Four on How I Created a Reality Once Imagined

I am not so sure that I have been completely clear about the last few months. I rarely allow time for reconsideration once I make a decision, as I try to trust my…

Through the apocalypse.

At around two yesterday, I pulled up to my apartment, got out of my truck, and promptly dropped my phone. A man with a filled up grocery cart yelled at me. “Pick that…

For Christina.


I am currently taking commissions. Please hit me up on the email or the cell phone, and lets make this happen!

Hiking this afternoon at The Griffith Observatory.

With Beth.


Thanks to Jenn, my ego has been sated! Do not get cake near us at a wedding. Alright, please do! Last night I had good pho. I have been chomping down on cucumbers…

Pen and ink.

I have been pounding out pen and ink lately. Feels like I’m on fire!

Yearbook Pictures

I’ve been working with a great slow-pop band from Los Angeles called Yearbook Pictures. They asked me to put together their album cover, and I finally finished it at the beginning of this…


Today I move to downtown Los Angeles. I feel like I’ve waited years for this.


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