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The shop is back.

EtsyBuy HandmadeAuroraArmijo New-ish stuff listed! Yay for Etsy.

"If I didn’t feel so wrong, you’d be my Mr. Right"

Sad Tomorrow @ Yahoo! Video Are the ’90’s back yet? Please let it be the ’90’s again. P.S. I am going to make a ’90’s mix cd of all my favorite ladies from…

What I Wore 6.2.09

Normally I wouldn’t post this outfit, since it’s just a shirt and jeans, but I bought these SICK shoes two days ago and can’t take them off! I love that they make me…

Love letters to Lykke Li

So I had to call AT&T last night to reset my password for my internet. The woman that was helping me said that she had to ask me a security question. I hate…

Suspender belt connundrum

This is only 80 bucks! On my search for a semi-elusive six-strap suspender belt: I don’t know how Victoria’s Secret did it, but they managed to make a garter belt that ventures into…

Linden eats the world.

Linden was such a glutton yesterday at Courtney’s Housewarming/Memorial Day party! Sure, he played some badminton, but a few underhand swings are hardly enough to combat the caloric cavalcade of deliciousness that he…

To The Cat and Fiddle.

Working again.

This is Linden.

He’s new to Los Angeles, and sniffing for adventure! Where should he explore? All suggestions welcome. Linden likes pancakes, tap routines, and cuddling, if that’s any help.

What I Wore 5.19.09

No surprise–I bought my new favorite dress at the thrift store. I had these sweet Beatrix Potter buttons from years ago, and felt that this dress was the perfect thing for them to…

Root Beer Floats

Moving On.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done an outfit post. In L.A., I don’t really get dressed up since I wear a uniform to work. I think it’s been at least two months, and…

Well, I didn’t cut it.

I am so envious of my friends with curly hair. Laura, Beth, and Ben all have great curls and I wanted to join the club. Last night I took a shower, twisted and…

Lady schmate.

Sometimes you gotta take a lady to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. Sometimes you gotta feed a lady some frozen yogurt. This weekend Ben and I shared a yogurt. We had decided to get…

Let him be a man.

Mary Kate, You are such a LADY. Lava, Aurora

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