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aurora lady art is a window bounty

The Art is A Window Bounty, New at The Sweet Shoppe!

Talk about sweet– I’m offering up two new packages at my Sweet Shoppe. Both of these are BOGGED THE EFF DOWN with art. Seriously, I’m packing them like crazy, so when they are…

mansfield 9 aurora lady

It’s Always Sunny with Mansfield Lingerie

When my pal Jessica at Mansfield Lingerie told me about her newest design– an adorable bandeau and slip– I was kind of totally in love. It sounded modern, simple, and had just enough…

Aurora Lady Portland Button Works

Portland Button Works Contest

You guys, I need your help! All you have to do is vote for my design by hitting the “like” on my photo– it’s the one that has the drawn mouth holding a…

Audrey Kitching by Aurora Lady

Instagram is More Than Pictures of Your Food

Although, I am most definitely one of those people who is guilty of taking pictures of what I eat! It’s just that food is so good. I wanna share! If you were with…

Laura Goldstone- Percentages

Living On The Edge: Life Without Fleshy Protein

Question number three in our series about veganism. Send your questions to and I’ll answer them! Cute illustration is by Laura Goldstone. Sweet! I like tofu, but am trying to shy away…


Craftcation: Making the Most of Your Conference Experience

Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t: Craftcation is the ultimate get together for crafty folk! Picture a huge conference full of creative makers– blogging superstars, uber-writers, people who have made their…


What I Wore: I Am Already Perfect

My aesthetic exists somewhere between a nightmare and reality. My dreamworld is my comfortable place because my sleeptime is so very vivid. I have visions that push back at me during the day,…

Aurora Lady xx

I Got Sick, and This Is How I Helped Myself. Or So I Thought.

Here’s what happened: Last Friday, I started to feel a tinge in my throat. “No biggie,” I thought, “There’s no way this lady is getting sick”. I was scratchy on Saturday, and then…


The Dog Show and Cute Girls

If you are in Los Angeles, you need to hit The Dog Show. It’s in Echo Park, and it’s got a HAIR WALL! Two super cute girls run it. The first thing they…

Aurora Lady by Jennifer Emerling

Let’s Forget, and Let’s Make Shit.

What if we just forgot about proper posting times, and demographics, and being calculated about our blogs, and you know, just wrote? Wrote like it was 2001 all over again. Posted our actual…


SoCal Country: A Photoshoot with Sara Routh and Willie

Sara Routh and and I have been working up close and personal for a solid six months. She’s got a new album being released soon (don’t worry, I’ll give you a heads up!)….

Aurora Lady at Phone Booth Gallery

Aurora Lady at Phone Booth Gallery’s 5 Year Anniversary Show!

I’ll have some work up at Phone Booth Gallery’s 5th Anniversary Show! Congrats to them. It’s been a ride, for sure! I’ll be there the night of the opening, so please come say…

Aurora Lady What I Wore April 2013

What I Wore: Gingerbread Jumpers and Revalations

Let’s talk about jumpers! Alright, I know that overalls and jumpers are usually saved for three year olds and uniforms, but how could I resist this brown corduroy number that makes me feel…

Screen shot 2013-04-02 at 9.06.28 PM

Top Three List: Fashion Blogs and the Women Who Loved Them

It’s hard to image a world where fashion blogs and What I Wore posts weren’t commonplace. But that world once existed…and I remember it! I’ve been revisiting some of my favorite blogs of…


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