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Casual Crown

Completely, absolutely in LOVE with my casual crown. It’s made of pipe cleaners, cardboard, and glitter. Best of all, it had my power animal– a little mouse!– on it! Get used to this…


“Strange Magic” at Space 15 Twenty: GO. NOW.

Last night, Jenn and I went over to Hollywood and checked out the Rookie + The Arduous install, “Strange Magic”. I missed the opening party last Saturday, but I had seen pictures, and…


Staying Motivated: A How-To

Here’s something you might not know unless you know me in person: I’ve struggled with my weight for the past ten years. It’s not a dramatic story; I just go through bouts of…

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Heads Up: There’s a Zine Inside All of Us, Fighting to Get Out

Once upon a time, I used to interview bands, stay up late with glue sticks and ink pens, and read anything my friends could put in my hot little hands. I made zines…


Movie Time: Heavenly Creatures

  I finally watched “Heavenly Creatures” last week– thank goodness for Netflix Instant. I’d heard about the movie over and over again, but it took THIS LONG to get to it. I haven’t…


St. Antoinette Prize Pack Giveaway!

Maybe you’ve heard me talk about a little (ha!) brand called Lime Crime Makeup. I really loved working with them on our collaboration, and I wanted to share some of the unicorn love…


Cathedral of Rebellion: A Hollywood St. Marilyn Adventure!

When I was working on my St. Marilyn artwork, I also enrolled in Monroe Boot Camp. Basically, that meant going through her movies on Netflix, studying photos of her, reading everything I could…


What I Wore: 6.16.12

Yesterday, Jenn and I spent the afternoon trolling around Los Angeles. It was really great because even though we both live in the same city, we are both so crazy busy that getting…


Cathedral of Rebellion: St. Antoinette

Doe Deere had the idea for St. Antoinette. It was one I immediately took to– as soon as she suggested it, fantastic, very detailed imagery came crashing through my head. My version of…


Spring hopes Eternal: Part IV

Our final look in the Spring hopes Eternal series! I am absolutely aghast at how beautifully this came out– it’s really lovely to know that I can sit down, make some headbands, a…


How to Wear a T-shirt, Three Different Ways

Confession time: I don’t wear too many t-shirts. Most of the time, I like to lounge around in dresses and jumpers. But when I got a hold of the new “Love is Free”…


Spring hopes Eternal: Part III

Part III in our series: Spring hopes Eternal: I think I mentioned this before, but this Spring hopes Eternal shoot was the first I formally styled and art directed on. Styling was loads…

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Aurora Lady on Agent Lover!

I was featured on one of my favorite blogs, Agent Lover, yesterday! You can read an interview that the banged goddess did with me– and there’s also a giveaway for Cathedral of Rebellion…


Tromahn Cat!

My friend Nicole loves her cat! She talks about her all the time, and they are truly a power couple. So when she asked me to do a Princess portrait of her sweetie…


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