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“I heard about Aurora Lady from another creative genius, Alexandra Franzen. Just as I had a radical cosmic divine vision, I had a conversation with Aurora about her work. I had this really strong urge to have a piece of art to commemorate this huge discovery in my life (my realization that I wanted to dream for a living–whaaat?!). Aurora was immediately captivated and we got to work. We co-visioned via an incredibly intuitive interview and sketch process. I have never felt more understood. No exaggeration. Aurora saw right into the truth of my story and showed ME more of it than I could see myself from the inside. I loved working with her and can’t wait to have another portrait done–of me in my next form. I chose to put the piece on the most visible wall in my house because it is an icon of what I am becoming. The future of the piece will definitely be adaptive. I believe it will move with me, take digital form and be a kind of debut anthology album cover of sorts.”

Dyana Valentine, Modern Muse / Emcee — Santa Monica, CA




“I asked Aurora to work on illustrations for my recent documentary.  I chose her specifically because I love her style and I knew she would be able to take the random ideas I had and turn them into something beautiful and more than I ever could have thought possible, which she did.   The placement of her art within the film I think is wonderful.   Each illustrations provides new information for the viewer and adds a unique visual aesthetic overall.

Aurora was amazing to work with.  When I approached her about working on this project with me, I really wasn’t sure what I wanted. I gave very brief, almost non-existent ideas and in some cases just a phrase or a color and she turned them into something magical.  She met every deadline, even when I gave her an extremely short turn around, and was at all times lovely to work with.  She somehow understands what you are seeing in your head that you can’t give a voice to, turning that into a wonderful piece of art.”

Beth Edwards, Documentary Filmmaker – Louisville, KY



“After experiencing an emotionally-charged Woke Up Knowing session with Dyana Valentine, I desperately wanted to get DyVa’s dream-visions out on paper. Ideally, illustrated. And who better to capture a sensual, fragmented & deeply personal dream-verse than Ms. Aurora Lady, portrait artiste extraordinaire? I’d never commissioned a piece of art before, and I was so honored that Aurora popped my cherry. So to speak. I should probably stop talking now. Just hire her already, before she’s too famous to speak to you.”

Alexandra Franzen, Promotional Wordsmith & Pro-Active Pimp








“I first saw Aurora’s pen-and-ink ‘I Love You’ series on her Etsy store, and I loved her Ira Glass portrait from the start. I have five other pieces of Aurora’s art displayed in my home – one unframed drawing, commissioned; one mixed-media piece on a recycled piece of wood, gifted to me; and three framed mixed-media pieces that I luckily rescued from her discard pile when she left Fresno for L.A. When I saw her Ira, I knew he would be mine.

Ordering the print from Aurora was a cinch. She soon hand-delivered Ira to me on one of her famous whirlwind Central Valley visits. In my home office, I chose to hang Ira to the right of my computer desk for inspiration when writing. I actually removed my MFA degree from its sturdy black frame and stashed it on a shelf so that Ira could have the frame instead. I placed him on the wall between a puppy calendar and a painting by another friend called ‘Stars Dancing.’

I hope Aurora’s portrait of Ira lives on my office wall for a long, long time.”

Jefferson Beavers, Multimedia Journalist – Fresno, CA




“I commissioned this piece of work because I wanted to personalize my blog presence on WordPress. I asked Aurora to help me conceptualize a header that would help me convey my site identity and her guidance in forming a focused vision was paramount.

Aurora is an absolute pleasure to work with. She was not only approachable, but extremely warm and genuinely interested in working collaboratively so we could get the best result possible. She was also notably patient with me as I endeavored to explain my perspective and desires for the project.

Depending on the direction and development of the blog, I could see potential in including this specific design on any other professional material I may choose to market with. At this point though, I’m more than pleased with the outcome. Thanks, Aurora!”

Rita Soultanian, Adventure Aversion – Los Angeles, CA

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