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I draw portraits of newly-wedded couples, besties with serious history, business partners with benefits, too-hip-for-school families, pets (both here & in heaven), and saucy individuals who believe in the (em)POWER(ing) experience of living like a work of ART.

All of my portraits are crafted with pen & ink & watercolor paint & multi-media flotsam & jetsam, on ultra-luxe, heavy-weight paper.  They make excellent engagement send-offs, birthday bonanzas & god-damnit-I-love-you expressions of adoration (for someone you like. Or someone like you.)

Want one? Who doesn’t?  We’ve got three ways to play…


{ Zoom! :: $350 }

A miniature portrait for you, or someone you love.

And yes, I can paint you straddling a unicorn. It’ll be our little secret.

♡ Your portrait will measure 7” x 9”

♡ We’ll do a single sitting, in-person (in LA) or virtually (viva la webcam!)

♡ Want to send me a few found objects—snippets from your scrapbook, or photographic inspiration? Do it!

♡ Turnaround time, from “let’s go!” to “voila!” :: 3 – 4 weeks

♡ Shipping? Included!

♡ Digital copy? Included!





{ Ba-boom! :: $1,050 }

A large portrait for you. A tribute to your grandma. A fantasy movie poster, starring your boyfriend & the cast of Harry Potter. Or a love-you-no-matter-what homage to your teen. Consider the moment captured.

♡ Your portrait will measure 14” x 18”

♡ We’ll do two sittings, in-person (in LA) or virtually (viva la webcam!)

♡ Want to send me a few found objects—like those seashells from your honeymoon, or that love letter from 7th grade? Give! Me!

♡ Turnaround time, from “let’s go!” to “voila!” :: 5 – 6 weeks

♡ Shipping? Included!

♡ Digital copy? Included!





{ Va-va-voom! :: $1,900 }

An extra-large portrait for you. Your cat, onstage with KISS (as usual). You & your fiance, flying a spacecraft. Your girlfriend-since-forever, on the cover of Vogue. You’re in the driver’s seat. I’m just holding the paintbrush.

♡ Your portrait will measure 28” x 34”

♡ We’ll do three sittings, in-person (in LA) or virtually (viva la webcam!)

♡ Want to send me a few found objects—like your charm bracelet from kindergarten, or your signature nail polish? Mine! Mine!

♡ Turnaround time, from “let’s go!” to “voila!” :: about 8 weeks

♡ Shipping? Included!

♡ Digital copy? Included!




{ Add-ons & Trinkets :: Starting at $50+ }

Using your original piece as a springboard, we can collaborate to create collectible pins, custom postcards & t-shirt designs, notecards & journals… even temporary tattoos. Perfect for launch events & soirees, rituals & celebrations, party favor bags, or simply because you NEED to see your dachshund’s face emblazoned on a jean jacket pin (I understand.)


{ Special Projects & Surprises :: Swing into my inbox for a quote }

Dreaming about a full-scale mural for your boudoir, a girl-power graphic novel, or a calendar with twelve months of your beloved iguana, in seasonal costumes? I’m available for commissioned magic & mayhem on a limited (but highly enthusiastic) basis. Contact me with a pitch, and let’s see if our visions (and calendars) align…

I’m booking portrait sessions & projects of staggering brilliance for 2013, & beyond. Ready to roll? Get. In. My. Inbox.




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