If you’ve been to any craft show in the Los Angeles area, chances are you’ve seen Jane Ragasa (aka, the mastermind behind her plush toy company, “Janie XY“). Jane (wo)mans a fruit stand stocked with creations that are food inspired, but will never turn– they’ve ripe for cuddling up to, sharing with small friends, and garnering a gleeful laugh. Jane is someone I spend a lot of time with, and I feel like I’ve gotten to know pretty well…so much so that she’s one of the sixteen women I featured in my zine, “The _____est Girl In the World“. She’s super funny, super positive, and creative like a whip! We’ve had some great talks about the importance of certain toys during a child’s development, and what that means. Velveteen Rabbit, anyone?! We decided to have a juicy chat, and here are the fruits of our labor (WHAT? I can’t resist!)   Jane and her partner, Sergio. Your toys have such a cute, familiar, and lovable look– what inspired you to create them? When my sister was in third or fourth grade, she got a stuffed dog, Patch from 101 Dalmations, for her birthday. She brought him everywhere and I so […]
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