What I Wore 1.18.2011

When I was sent this dress by my friend Miss Alphabet, all I could think about was when I was going to wash it, because I never wanted to take it off! She uses fabrics that move with you. I’m talking REALLY move, like I could eat two cheeseburgers and not feel cinched in. Not that I would. Veggie burgers, probably. Am I asking myself to step up??! I’ll let you know in ten pounds…I couldn’t help thinking that this dress is wild–it’s something special that two of my friends in particular would appreciate. I phoned them both up and asked if they’d like to be part of a Blogger Dress Challenge–each of us would style the dress and do a separate What I Wore post. They were both game! I’ll let you know when their posts go up in the coming weeks.

I did it up the best way I know how–traditional Aurora elements like big shoes, scarves, and fishnets. I usually try to casual-up a dress, so I went for my old reliable jean jacket. I’m looking for another one at a thrift store, so I can cut off the sleeves and use it like a vest. Jean jackets are crazy! I almost never wear jeans on my lower half, but I don’t know what I did before I had a jean jacket. It goes with everything!

I also hiked up the skirt with a belt (I am petrified of looking stumpy and an easy way to combat this, I’m convinced, is a tall heel with a lot of leg). This gave the skirt some extra flare as well. So fun when I spin!

Dress: Miss Alphabet via Etsy, $70
Boots: Sam Edelman from Zappos, $199
Fishnets: from a Halloween store in Hollywood; $4
Jacket: Gap from The Goodwill in Visalia; $4.99
Scarves: From St. Vincent’s Thrift; $1 each
Buttons: Haruki Murakami, gift. MY MY Collaboration button, $5.00. Paperchase button, $.50.

I’ll be doing What I Wore posts on the regular from now on. One of my new years goals was to keep a blogging schedule. Here we go!


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  1. How totally adorable!!!

  2. Oooh that dress is so fun! You are rocking it! I love the idea of the Blogger Dress Challenge! Can't wait to see the other girls' looks. And now I wish I never got rid of my jean jacket. What was I thinking?!

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