What I Wore: A New Direction

I’m about to turn 32. It’s a special number for me—it sounds so adult! This past year has been a real work in progress, discovering that I am, in fact, capable of making my dreams a reality. I’ve been keeping this in mind while noticing that my style is evolving, yet again.

Gone are the days of punk rock jean jackets and vests—I’m moving into a less obvious, tailored but fun look. I’ve been mining clothing with the idea of handmade/vintage looping through my brain—these are the elements I want to cultivate and bring to the surface. I still embrace the idea of clothing having a sense of humor and a sassy integrity; but maybe I won’t be writing “I’m Miss World” in Sharpie on the back of my jacket. You dig?

The new vision:

Deconstructed sweaters, jeans in unusual vintage cuts (hunting for high waisted boot cuts right now!), sewing my own dresses and skirts using found fabrics and notions, non-leather shoes, my handmade dark wash denim backback, immaculately shaped eyebrows with lots of dark fill-in action, fabulous art, tees that fit perfectly, the less zippers the better (I’m all about funky vintage button combinations!), asymmetrical wash and wear haircuts, skirts with pockets, solid fantasy haircolor, handmade toolbelts for brushes and paints, short fingernails for artmaking with solid polish, black t-strap maryjanes that go with everything, using everyday items as earrings and wearing two different ones at the same time, dark red and purple lipstick, thick stacked bracelets, collared button-down printed vintage shirts, bow ties, carrying a handmade notebook and colored pencils everywhere, burgundy liquid eyeliner, not wearing headphones or checking my phone while out walking around.


You know, when I was a teenager, I wore a plastic pocket protector to class just to be funny. It ended up being incredibly useful though. I suppose that at 15 that was my idea of being sassy and referencial—but the truth is, even then, I liked pockets and carrying things on my person. I want to continue to follow my instincts when making decisions about putting clothes on my body.

Maybe that’s what being an adult is about—trusting your instincts. Style is a great place to start.



shirt: no brand name, St. Vincent De Paul’s, $1/ pants: Stephen Sprouse (this is part of a suit!), St. Vincent De Paul’s, $8.99/ necklace: Locketship, gift/ wedges: Xhilaration, Target, $20.

Photography by Jennifer Emerling. She’s a dreammaker, for real.

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  1. Such a beautifully written post! Love your Locketship necklace – they’re my favorite jewelry brand. =) And your hair is brilliant!

  2. I love your look, and the whole aesthetic you describe. But what I love even more is you loving it, your description of it appealing to you. That’s what’s really grown up (and obviously attractive), when style comes out of sincerity and confidence.

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