What I Wore.

Wow, I’ve totally dropped the ball this year with the Wardrobe Remix daily documentation. EMBARRASSING! Maybe next year will be better, although I’m just not sure I want to make that sort of commitment. I only want to commit to being more like George McFly. I didn’t get too excited about getting dressed because I gained back forty of the fifty pounds I lost two years ago. I’ve lost some of that weight again (perpetual diet, you’ll see me on HBO someday in a documentary called “Sad Belliez: Tales from Avenal Detention Center” filmed by Pulitzer Prize-winning Jennifere Emerling).

So anyway, I’ve reconciled, I can accept the fact that I have WEIGHT PROBLEMS and much of my external self esteem is based upon how I fit into my clothes and how much of a muffintop I am carting around. Don’t worry, I’m totally losing it the healthy way, meaning I eat my weight in carrots everyday and don’t eat pie all the time anymore.

That said, I put together some outfits I love because they all cost about three bucks at the thrift store. I am a braggart!

I wore this one somewherez, I don’t remember but it probably involved some eyebrow raising.

Dress- Alice Temperly (yeah, at the thrift store! Goodwill on Blackstone)
Tights-Target, 2007
shoes-Goodwill on Blackstone
necklace-Goodwill on Blackstone

Craft Fair outfit!

Shirt-Goodwill on Blackstone
Vest-Emerald Thrift

Burlesque schmate with Kim Burly!

Dress-Go International (well it was from Goodwill of course)
Tights- Target

This morning for tacos with the boyf:

shirt- Goodwill on Blackstone
skirt-Richard Chai for Target (Goodwill on Shaw and Blythe)
tights-Goodwill on Blackstone (don’t wig about tights at Goodwill, they had a wrapper on it)
belt-Goodwill on Shaw and Blythe

I have spent most of the day listening to Smoking Popes “Pretty Pathetic”, which is the saddest song. Sadder than when I saw them with Morissey years ago, and if you’ve seen him, you know how sickly satisfying it is to weep a tear with your partner during “End Of The Family Line”. If that song title doesn’t make you want to get on the teacups at Disneyland, well then maybe this quote from Metallica’s documentary will make you pass out in bliss:

“My lifestyle determines my deathstyle”


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  1. Boyf

  2. umm i say that metallica quote ALL THE TIME.

    “umm .. my lifestyle determines my .. deathstyle??”

    love you and yr beautiful

  3. Those pink tights are waaay cute. I am really loving the blue in your hair by the way.

  4. LOVELOVELOVE the vest! Looking hot!

  5. I really liked this entry Aurora, awesome.

  6. im mad jealous of your leopard tights. ive been on a quest to find some and haven’t been able to.

    also our thiftstores here BLOW MONKEY DICK in comparison to yours. man.

  7. overweight, underweight, whatever. you always know how to work it.

  8. you kids need more wine in those racks.

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