Your Rainbow Hair Dream Girl

Here’s the thing about living in Los Angeles: you meet a LOT of people.

When I came here, I was looking specifically for women who ran their own businesses. It didn’t really matter what they did, just that they were all about controlling their own destinies. One of those people was Tanya Ramirez, and it was a surprise– I found her on a random Yelp search. I had no idea that she’d end up being…well, who she is.

Tanya’s smart, reliable, and more than anything else, an artist. She sees past the basics of hair (which, I know, are more complex than “basics”) and instead moves inspiration to vision to execution. She. Is. Amazing.

Witness: On Monday, I went with my friend Kim to see Tanya to get her wedding hair done. Kim is far from a traditional bride. She goes for what makes her feel good, not for others expectations. It’s one of many reasons I love her. Kim went big: she told Tanya that she could do whatever she wanted.

Kim Burly Aurora Lady Tanya Ramirez

Kim Burly Tanya Ramirez Aurora Lady

And this is what Kim got. Otherworldly, rainbow infused, magical My Little Pony Hair. I can’t think of a color scheme that is more Kim than this. I’ve perhaps never seen her look more like her soul.

So there you go. When you come out to L.A., you should probably make a hair appointment with Tanya. I suggest you book now, because, as you can see, she’s REALLY good.

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  1. You are too kind! Lots of love. Thank you! xox

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