• Your late night text humblebrag
  • A rock star’s rock star
  • Smeared lipstick paired with sharp as knives eyeliner
  • A peanut butter filled pretzel
  • A day planner marked with 12 different colored crayons
  • The bass line in Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain”
  • Your worst nightmare sent in the mail packaged as a faux Chanel purse

Aurora Lady's mixture of fine art and glitter grit has beautified my artist's soul from inside out, inspiring me to take my art to more entrepreneurial heights with her keen eye for branding. She's provided me with transformational glittering services before my performances, tuning into my needs for each show: taking into consideration everything from the venue's lighting, my wardrobe, what emotions I wanted to channel, and more. And it doesn't stop there: Aurora has keyed into the message I've wanted to send to my fanbase and come up with clever slogans from pop culture to co-opt and integrate with my brand such as my "Who The F Is Taleen Kali?" concept and a "glitter gang" she put together for one of my shows. The icing on the cake? She makes a mean show flyer. It's full service for the L.A. artist, entrepreneur, and multi-hyphenate.

Taleen Kali


  • Your heart melt
  • All your dreams even more salivating delicious
  • Your invention a reality
  • Lush paintings infused with fire and water
  • Distinct visions
  • Everything shine
  • Your feet warm when they are chilly
  • All the stains in your clothing disappear
  • Light bounce off from walls and turn into rainbows
Aurora Lady Makes:

I approached Aurora to do the logo for my kids' clothing brand because I've always loved her illustration style. Her art was fun, a little punk, and exactly what I was looking for. When she sent back the drawing, I was floored. She took all the ideas I had and somehow made them even better. Suddenly my idea for a company had life, it felt tangible. It was the initial inspiration that helped me propel my little shop into a full-fledged operation. So when I wanted to collaborate with an illustrator a few months later to do pop culture inspired tee shirts, she was the obvious choice. They say lightning doesn't strike twice, but they are WRONG. The results of that endeavor were just as magical as the first. She was so easy to talk to and was willing to make any adjustments to the design, however big or minor until I was happy with the final product. I could not recommend Aurora more for her creative services. She is the perfect combination of artistry and professionalism.

Kirsten Bosio, Creator and Founder of Tiny Bangs

Facts about Aurora Lady:


  • She did mushrooms once and live-tweeted what she thought to be her demise from her friend’s bed
  • She drinks sparkling water out of a mug with a quote from Blair Waldorf on it
  • Her day planner takes up the bulk of the weight in her backpack
  • She makes a vegan lasagna so good your eyes will cross with pleasure
  • She burns a lavender candle at the beginning of every project
  • Her email theme changes once a year
  • She’s probably had a crush on you for at least the past hour

If you were to combine a fairy godmother + badass feminist + witchy woman filled with magic and put some glitter on top, you'd get something close to Aurora's artistic touch (but it still wouldn't be half as powerful as what this woman brings to the table). In all seriousness, I have worked with Aurora on countless creative endeavors over the past year, and she has such a deeply gifted knack for turning small ideas or huge visions into a beautiful and seamless reality. As a photographer and business owner, I have grown hesitant to collaboration sometimes as it can be a very intimate process to allow someone else into your dreams and ideas. I would trust Aurora 100% with any of my projects. She is my go-to when I need a stylist, art director, illustrator, and another set of hands and eyes in the creative process. Aurora has the perfect balance of professionalism and sparkle, and I am honored to be able to call upon her skills for any and all of my clients and projects.

Rachael Lee

Aurora is a talented illustrator who is able to translate complex ideas and feelings into clear, visually engaging, and effective illustrations and designs. She stays true to her unique, recognizable style, while working with her clients to create work that fits their needs. It was a joy to work with her on my activist sticker project - as a writer thinking visually is difficult for me - and Aurora took my ideas and ran with them, creating a series of designs that went far beyond my expectations. I was delighted with her work and look forward to our next opportunity to work together.

Eleanor Witney