“Get ready to discover your own magick.”

Augusta Gail, Creative Activation client

Art weirdos who are seeking clarity in a confusing world.

Folx who make music but can’t get past that all too familiar “imposter syndrome.”

Visual artists who’ve shown their work in museums and galleries, but are finally ready to completely abandon their previous work and create the wearable silk-screened genderless lingerie they’ve always dreamed of.

These are the souls Aurora Lady serves with her whole heart.

“Aurora serves inspiration at your fingertips.”

Creative Activation client

Creative stimulation.
Mindset shifts.
Movement dashed with magick.

You can’t escape even the smallest interaction with Aurora without going at least a little bit deep. Her offerings are undeniable breaths of fresh air for folks who are having to navigate a world that isn’t built for creatives, and who feel lost in a capitalist environment. She’s been called a “Swiss Army Knife” and a “secret weapon” by creatives who range from pop stars to Los Angeles mystics.

Weaving her love and reverence for art-making into an irresistible suite of offerings, Aurora has made herself the go-to source for creatives and their changing needs. When folx want to jump-start a project they know that Aurora is their first call, whether they bring their challenge to a private one-on-one session or to her group activations. For introverts who crave personal experience without attachment, she also offers Creative Stimulation audio recordings, within THE LEFT TURN.

Aurora’s signature touch has been affirmed by Teen Vogue, Nylon, and The Gala Darling Show to name a few. She’s most passionate about helping creative people move from dreaming about art to actually making art, thrifting the perfect two-piece vintage bell-bottom suit, and the death card in her tarot deck.

Most of all, she wants to help build a world that supports artists and creatives, and in turn, destroys the idea of artists having to be in pain to make art.

“I couldn’t be more grateful to Aurora for taking something that felt so daunting in my mind and making it feel doable, beautiful and supported.”

Dakota, client


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