Don’t Hide Behind Your Skirt Release Party at Pop Hop in Highland Park

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Don’t Hide Behind Your Skirt Release Party at Pop…

I made a zine about my father, growing stronger, and my quest for a girl gang. If you’ve ever dealt with abuse and the fallout of the experience, I wrote this for you.

I wanted this zine to be about gangs; the gangs my brothers were part of, the gang I wanted for myself. In the end, it wasn’t just about that.

I hope that it helps you.

DHBYS is being published by FAIR DIG Press as it’s first release. We’re having a little party at Pop-Hop in Highland Park to celebrate, and I’d love it if you came. I’m nervous about reading in front of people, but 2o14 is all about trying new things. This is new. It’s scary. So it must be done.

Please come and say hi to Brodie (he runs FAIR DIG) and myself. We will both be so happy to see you!


dont hide behind your skirt pop hop aurora lady

P.S. I’ll also be at LA Zine Fest on February 16th, tabling with Kim Burly. We’ve got lots planned for that day. xo

A. Lady
  • Lisa

    I wish you all the best on sharing something so difficult.
    I admire your courage and tenacity in talking about something
    That was a horrible terrible struggle for you.
    I hope I get to read it.
    Xo friend

  • Debonee Morgan

    Holy shit!! I just got through reading my advance copy and all I can say is – I’m blown away. I expected it to be honest and poignant, but I was not prepared for the excellence in writing, and your amazing command of prose structure. It would have been absolutely good enough if it was just a straight forward telling of your story – but this is really, really well crafted.
    I wish so bad I could be there for your celebration… my contribution will be editing the podcast so your fans and girl gang can learn more about what you’ve got gong on… because Girl, you got it going on!
    I can’t wait to get this zine into the hands of so many women who will connect with it.
    Keep up the fantastic work, and know I have your back all the way!

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