Free Hugs


Free Hugs

I don’t know if it’s any surprise, but I’m a little movie phobic. The idea of going out and sitting in a dark room for two hours doesn’t appeal too much to me, save for the occasional Steve Martin goof or Alicia Silverstone epic (I am looking forward to Vamps, and might even go out for a matinee!).  However, I love having access to films online.  I just finished watching this sweet short, “Free Hugs”, and wanted to share it with you.

A warning: I like films with happy endings. I like romantic comedies and coming of age stories. I kinda feel like this one achieves all three of my likes, so of course I’m a happy camper.

According to Glamour Magazine’s website (where the movie is being hosted as part of their “Glamour Reel Moments” series): FREE HUGS captures the “rock bottom” moment of post-breakup wallowing, when friends lose their patience, and the pitiless world moves on without you. We follow the hilariously bitter Billie as she attempts to find catharsis through comfort food (and wine), sawing her belongings in half and attacking a particularly meaningful local monument. Ultimately Billie must slam into the harsh reality of heartbreak before she can understand that sometimes the purest form of love is a free hug from a stranger.

You’ll probably recognize some L.A. hotspots– as well as some great spoofing of L.A. behavior ( I especially felt kindred during the scene where Billie explodes at the vegan restaurant. Can you tell exactly which restaurant their having fun mocking? I hate to say it, but I felt the same way when I was there. And Billie’s jaunt in the grocery store kills me. I. KNOW. THAT. FEELING.).


Sadly, I had a really hard time locating material on the film online–this was the closest I could find to the movie poster! And yes, that’s Olivia Wilde– who is in the film, but only very briefly. Olivia directs this piece.  I officially love her now.

You can watch the full version here— it’s just shy of 24 minutes, so you’ll have plenty of time to write in your diary afterwards. And if you know of any other films in this vein, I’d love to know about them! So long as I don’t have to leave my computer to watch them. xoxo

A. Lady

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