Fun with the Boyfriend Projector.

Fun with the Boyfriend Projector.

It’s been awhile since the Boyfriend Projector and I have had a proper date. This week we’ve been feeling things out. Baby steps. I think we are going to get back together again! This Saturday, methinks, the love affair will return full force.

I’ve been liking that new Conor Oberst video with the projectors. The world is your oyster once you can put an image on a wall or a person or a cat.

A. Lady
  • Daniel

    oh, the bf projector. what a hottie.

    heya, your voice is on a video over at this place:

    We critiqued today, and Dan said, upon viewing the credits: “Aurora? (For serious?)” [parenthetical statement added for emphasis]

  • discotrash

    is that mary kate and ashley? theyre adorable

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