Go, Gourds, Go!


Go, Gourds, Go!

Tis the season!

…Pumpkin season, that is!

I’m nuts about pumpkins. I look forward to October because businesses start pulling out the pumpkin pie. Coffee shops add “pumpkin latte” to their menus. And everywhere I look, even in sunny Southern California, there are pops of orange orbs. Pumpkins are pretty and delicious. Go gourds, go!

My friends totally understand my obsession. Kim does, in fact, so much, that she made me a pumpkin hat!

Yes, I indeed-y do!

Can you believe this BEAST of a hat??! Best EVER!

A. Lady
  • Cammila

    Oh baby, I LOVE it! Pumpkin orange and mustard yellow are the two most under-utilized colors in fashion, amiright? You look crazy adorable and I love this shot (and portrait).

  • Rita

    I LOVE this drawing! Brilliant.

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