How to Get the Brightly Colored Hair of Your Dreams

Aurora Lady Untamed Instincts Tanya Ramirez Art

How to Get the Brightly Colored Hair of Your…

Here’s the deal with sporting a hair color like blue on your noggin: you’re gonna get a ton of attention.
Aurora Lady Untamed Instincts Tanya Ramirez

Strangers will look. Babies will coo. Kids will ask if you hang out with My Little Ponies. You’ll regularly be asked, “How did you do that?” and “What did your husband/boss say when you came home like that?” (Answer to that last one: “I love it” and…nothing. Because I am lucky enough to work somewhere where my boss cares about my work, not my hair.)

Aurora Lady Untamed Instincts Tanya Ramirez
I used to try to explain. Bleach. Lots of time. And then color. And re-dying, over and over again.

They’d look at me, befuddled. Couldn’t it be simpler? Easier? Less complicated? I mean, it’s just hair, right?
Aurora Lady Untamed Instincts Tanya Ramirez

So now I just tell them to see my genius stylist, Tanya Ramirez. I give them her contact info and tell them that she’s a total game changer. Which is no exaggeration.

The truth is, Tanya and I spend a lot of time on my hair. I was her hair model for a while, and I loved it. I really think she has the ability to assess not only the type of person you are, but the person you want to be, and meld the two together to give you the hair of your dreams. Most of the time when I see her, I casually tell say, “eh, I’m trying to grow it out, and I’m into blues and greens today”, and she goes from there. I’m ALWAYS in complete adoration of her and her work when I leave her hands.

Aurora Lady Untamed Instincts Tanya Ramirez

I won’t sugar coat it. Having brightly colored hair takes time and energy. It means re-dying your hair every two weeks or so to keep it looking fresh (I regularly find myself hoping for a long lasting blue hair color to come out on the market). It means an aversion to heat styling. It means purchasing shampoo and conditioner without sulfates so your color doesn’t fade.

But it’s totally worth it when I see myself in the mirror, topped with sea-colored locks. As odd as it sounds, I feel at my most natural when my hair is bright and other-worldly.

Tanya is the most important part of achieving this feeling; she understands people, she understands color, and she creates a perfect melding of the two. I am hesitant to call her a “stylist” because she is so much more than that. Without her I’m certain that my hair would be straw-like, uneven, and a generally unpolished mess. This last Monday, she didn’t just dye my hair blue. She dyed it blue laced with turquoise and navy toward the roots. I am still peering into mirrors and windows, astounded at the dimension she created.

She has helped me grow from Punk Rock Girl Urchin to Punk Rock Love Machine.

Aurora Lady Untamed Instincts Tanya Ramirez

If you are in the L.A. area, I cannot recommend Tanya enough. Go! Now!

Receive her brilliant gifts.


A. Lady
  • Kelsea Echo

    YES! Bright-haired girls unite! 🙂

    Have you (and Tanya) heard of the Goldwell Elumen line? My hairdresser, Antonio (whom I also love and 100% recommend), uses it on me and it’s awesome. It’s the closest to permanent hair color I’ve ever had in fantasy colors. Unfortunately, the Elumen blue is still not the best according to Antonio, but the rest of the colors (including turquoise) work like a dream if done right (there’s a specific process hairdressers have to learn for it b/c it’s different from other dyes). I get my hair re-dyed once ever 2-3 months. The super bright color doesn’t last that entire time, of course, but it starts to fade into a really pretty pastel, so I don’t mind.

    Anyway, just thought I’d mention! I love your bold, bright blue!!

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