Let’s Get Together: Custom Wedding Invitations!


Let’s Get Together: Custom Wedding Invitations!

Last year, I was asked to do something super special for my best friend– create her wedding invitations!

I love weddings. LOVE them. I was never a gal who planned her own wedding, but when I decided it was time for me to tie the knot, my husband and I definitely did things our way (you can witness that here). I’m all about creating your own traditions, and that’s especially exciting when it comes to being with another person. I think weddings are a great opportunity to exercise exactly who you are, in every way.

Including invites.


Aurora Lady Wedding Invite

I had such a blast creating and putting together Kim’s invitations…how could I resist putting together a package so that you can commission your own?

Aurora Lady Wedding Invite

You’ll get a consultation where we’ll go over exactly what your vision is–do you like certain colors? Do you want unicorns dancing a top you and your love’s head? Is there a strong strawberry theme? After that, a 7 x 9 inch watercolor and ink portrait of the two of you, a lettered invite with details, and a return card will be sent to you digitally and via mail.

Aurora Lady Wedding Invite

You’ll be able to reproduce the originals and send them out as utilitarian keepsakes for all of your guests. So cute! And such an easy way to set the tone for your impending big day.

I’m offering the “Let’s Get Together!” package over at my webstore, www.aladysweetshoppe.com. And don’t think I’m wedding exclusive– this package works like a dream for any special occasion or chance to celebrate. 35th birthday? 100th Crafternoon Session? Quinceañera? I’ve got your back– and your invites– right here.

A. Lady
  • Kim Burly

    My guests liked them so much that many of them still have them on display. I even have a friend who keeps it in his car and takes us on “adventures” with him! We have the original portrait framed in our bedroom and we absolutely love it. Thank you so much for making our invites so personal.

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