Living Art on Periscope


Living Art on Periscope


Are you on Periscope yet?

I can’t get enough of it! In case you don’t know, here’s the deal with this new-ish app: you can “broadcast” to the world live. people watching can see and hear you, as well as send you comments and interact with hearts when they like something. The broadcast remains viewable for 24 hours . After that pocket of time, your broadcast disappears!

For the past three weeks, I’ve been broadcasting a 15-minute show each week. It’s called “Living Art”, and it’s an art making-minded mishmash of topical subjects. I’ve tackled a new one each week, respectively: goal planning, brainstorming, and operating from a sense of lack (or, Starving Artist Mindset– that old chestnut!). I typically video wherever I happen to be at on Friday or Saturday, answer questions, and freestyle ideas that have worked (or should be avoided!) by me.

Once a month, I bring a guest on for a mini-hang. We’re as likely to answer your questions as we are to eat cake and talk about how Duckie’s clothing choices are still the best thing to hit the big screen.

My username is auroralady. Find me. Let’s make shit together!



A. Lady

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