Meet Feminasty Camay Villanueva

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Meet Feminasty Camay Villanueva

There are certain people I like right away, and Camay Villanueva is one of them. She’s kind-hearted, engaged, and above all, has a laser sharp knack for spying the sartorial potential of, well, everything! Be sure to check out Reflekt, her style magazine that focuses “more on people than clothes”. How’s that for revolutionary?


camay villanueva reflekt aurora lady


Name: Camay Villanueva

Occupation: Editor-in-Chief of Reflekt Magazine


camay villanueva reflekt aurora lady

What does being a Feminasty mean to you? 

It means a female who isn’t afraid to be un “ladylike”. You know- quiet, submissive, dependent and dainty what normal “ladies” do.

camay villanueva reflekt aurora lady

Where is your favorite place to take friends in LA and why?

Definitely Cafe Jack in K-town. A Titanic themed cafe with tacky sailor decor, art deco, and Titanic movie posters. The front of the cafe is a giant version of the Titanic!


camay villanueva reflekt aurora lady

I constantly have to remind myself that:

That I’m good enough.


My favorite book is:

Diana Vreeland’s “the Eye has to Travel” and “the Alchemist” by Paul Coelho.


What are you working on now?

Currently wrapping up the Issue º12 of Reflekt Magazine. The theme is Travel. From the fashion history of Stewardesses, curing culture shock and editorials of hitch-hikers to tourist fashion.

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