Meet me and get DUM.


Meet me and get DUM.


It’s about to get Dum in here.

It’s no surprise that I am totally obsessed with zines. I make ’em, I read ’em, I can’t stop talking about ’em or leaving them for other people to find.

So it’s, like, the dopest thing ever to have been asked to talk/present/perform/read for DUM DUM Zine’s first ever Vox and Voices event, at Stories in Echo Park.

Get ready for a no holds bar confessional, a la my weekly periscope broadcast, “Living Art”. We’ll get nuts talking about the truly gnarly parts of being an artist in Los Angeles: what we really need to grow as creators, things we should be paying attention to, and the other shit we need to kick to the curb, like yesterday.

It’ll be painful. And messy. But most of all, it’ll feel really fucking good.

Get all the info here, &, um, I CANNOT WAIT to see you!

New to DUM DUM’s world? You’re in for a treat! Since 2011, DUM DUM Zine has been publishing experimental art-lit zines, changing format with each issue. Their commitment to aesthetic and quality has become a welcome inspiration. You’ll love getting DUM if you haven’t already.

A. Lady

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