My New Favorite: Luxury Jones Melrose

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My New Favorite: Luxury Jones Melrose


luxury jones aurora lady

Luxury Jones Melrose: Cutest. Boutique. Evs.

Here’s the thing about LA: it’s so often so much more than what you expect it to be when you move here.

Yes, there’s that layer of artificiality that everyone OUTSIDE of LA mentions; looks are important, there are dudes that only care about what they want and women who couldn’t care less about what the aftermath is of going after something. But if that’s all you focus on, that’s all you’ll see– which really leaves a lot of the power of this glittering city of hustle in your own hands.

What you get is loads of exploratory opportunity. I’d been peeping this new boutique called Luxury Jones on Instagram for the past three months and finally checked it out on Sunday. My friend Augusta works there now so I thought it would be the perfect time to scope out the place in person.

I had my own apprehensions about the store before I even arrived. As a tall, bootylicious woman, I banked on my choices being limited to shoes and sunglasses. Que sera sera. You know how it goes.

It turns out that I wasted time even acknowledging this concern. Here’s the beautiful thing about Luxury Jones: lots of the designs fit lots of different people. I didn’t see much that was designated as small, medium, or large. Pieces were generally flow-y with attention given to necklines and drape. My size 14 body felt comfortable and sexy in the same dress that my size small friend loved as well.

It felt like I had been thinking about clothing all wrong, and here was a new, liberating way!


luxury jones aurora lady

A one of a kind, handmade sleepmask by Luxury Jones. I would wear this out as a cute hat-like thing!

I fell in deep, opalescent love with Luxury Jones.

I think what seals the deal for me is how special the experience of the clothing made me feel. If I can harness that feeling, prolong it, then I am loyal to whatever generates it. The dress I tried on felt like that. I didn’t want to let it go.

It looked like a simple, oversized jersey shirt on the rack. When I tried it on though, it transformed. I transformed. The neck was adjustable; it looked just as adorable pushed down with my shoulders exposed as up over my bra straps. The sleeves tapered right above my elbows. The dress hit right above my knees; not too short that I didn’t feel like myself, and not too long that I couldn’t wear pants with it. It used three different prints that clashed in a jumbled, deliberate, perfect way. I think it was cut on the bias but I cannot remember because I was so surprised by how elated I felt wearing the damn thing. This dress made me feel like the most wonderful version of myself: light, happy, mysterious, and thrilled with my body as it was in that moment. I did eventually take it off, but I did so begrudgingly.

So much of the store’s offerings deliver that glorious, vibrant joy. Most of the pieces are either designed from scratch, restructured from vintage, or embellished by Nichole Dimitras, the owner/ designer mastermind behind the store and brand. You can see her sewing and creating behind the register in her studio. It feels like the store Weetzie Bat would have dreamed up, pom poms lining the shelves and glitter earrings dangling and catching light on the walls.

luxury jones aurora lady

Stuffed animals and cotton candy turbans? Yes pls!

When you go to Luxury Jones, do:

  • Check out the free size goodies made by Nichole. The Palazzo Jumpsuits are especially fun.
  • Try on the embellished cowgirl boots. Dear Lord, there is very little that is more rock’n’roll than these boots.
  • Take a picture with your friends on the “Girls Will Be Girls” couch.
  • Comb through the clearance rack. You’ll find some original Luxury Jones designs and vintage. Even the clearance rack is fantastic!

I feel like in this age of money and blogging, I have to state that I wasn’t paid a lick to write this post. I just genuinely believe in what this store is about and it inspired the heck out of me. It feels like I’ve discovered treasure when I see a rad woman running things and creating her own vision. I really hope you’ll love Luxury Jones too.


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