20/20 Vision Portrait


A new start feels like magic– because it is!

The 20/20 Vision Portrait is the sibling to the magazine cut out vision board we’re all familiar with, only in portrait form… and on about three cups of cold brew coffee to blast you into action so that you’re firmly rooted in the place you want to be!

Instead of IMAGINING your way into images that already exist, you’ll be able to SEE YOURSELF surrounded by the life you’re drawn to. And you’ll be able to put this digital portrait everywhere your eyes could possibly see it, so that you’ll always feel supported, tuned in, and undeniably STOKED to take action!

Here’s how some stargazers have used their 20/20 Vision Portraits:

  • They place the image as their wallpaper on their phone or laptop so that it’s the first thing they see before they even check their email or log in to Instagram
  • They print it out on textured watercolor paper and frame it for their desk at work as a reminder that they have this job for a reason that’s bigger than just a paycheck every month
  • They turn all of the lights out in their home and put their Vision Portrait on a projector which beams it onto the entirety of their ceiling while they meditate
  • They use it as an avatar for their social media so that they are consistently making it known what it is they are striving for

And finally, my favorite!

  • As an image for their email signature, which links back to their website or favored social media platform. It’s such a clever way to create a dialogue between the sender and the universe. And it also does a bang-up job of creating a personal link to the person being sent the email!




Your portrait will be sized 8 x 10 inches. Once your order is placed, Aurora Lady will reach out within 48 hours and conduct a Personal Vision Intake Interview.

The 20/20 Vision Portrait is digital, and will arrive in the email inbox indicated when the order is placed, unless otherwise indicated.

Your portrait will arrive 4-6 weeks after order is received, but often quite sooner than that!



Size Chart

Digital, 8 x 10 inches.

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