Creative Activation Session


Want to stop creating excuses and start creating art? Here’s how.

Creative Activation sessions are the Swiss Army knife of artists and musicians, makers and crafters, mystics and out-of-the-box thinkers. This private intensive is part customized strategy, part mentorship, and part punk rock art bff cheerleader hype, all wrapped up in one. I mean, can you EVEN?!

No more feeling of overwhelm.

No more asking, “why should I even try to make this?”

And definitely no more paying mind to infrequently rewarding feedback from folx who just don’t understand what making art takes.

“I definitely feel like I am understanding my artistic voice better. I also feel like I have been more playful in my work–allowing active exploration to help establish that artistic voice.”

– Private Creative Activation client

You can expect:

  • Consultation on the projects that have felt too unwieldy or farfetched for you to execute

  • Clarity as we untangle and implement strategy in both promoting and executing projects

  • One accountability check-in outside of the one-hour Creative Activation container, to keep you on track and tuned in

  • Tools and mindset shifts to bring you from “This is so effing complicated!” to “This is so effing gratifying– and manageable!”

Imagine waking up feeling and knowing exactly what you need to do to achieve your vision for your creative work.

In Creative Activations, your dreams transform into your reality. It doesn’t matter if you are a person who dabbles in occasionally playing keytar-centered pieces backward and projected onto a high rise window, an aspiring Tiktok anime dreamgirl, or a mixed media artist who’s had 20 years of gallery showings and wants to move into the world of printable lingerie– in your one-hour Creative Activation session, you’ll leave knowing that it’s SO possible, and that your dream is probably WAY more doable than you think it is.

Who I am:

“Aurora is a wealth of creative and open-minded energy, yet her personal activism for social justice and mental health make her priceless.”

-Private Creative Activation client

I’ve been working my own creative practice since 2004, when I graduated with a degree in studio painting and then interned at the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art. I’ve since worked with a host of artists and creatives– many of which have coined me their “secret weapon”. The secret’s out, and available for you: I’ve been featured in Bust, Nylon, The Gala Darling Show, Rookie, Dum Dum Zine, and on many art-minded, witch-centric podcasts.

The private Creative Activation Experience is for you if:

  • You’ve always wanted an art-minded teammate to guide you through a project

  • You’ve felt overwhelmed and disconnected with all that needs to happen in order to make a creative vision come together

  • You find creative blocks building up around you

  • You want to feel expansion and motivation while moving through each of your creative sessions

  • You’re through with allowing other people’s versions of success define you, and are ready to firmly move on your own path

Book NOW and I’ll hop into your inbox within 48 hours (Monday-Friday, excluding weekends and holidays) to schedule your Creative Activation Session. The email address used to purchase the Creative Activation Session is the one that will be contacted about scheduling.

The fine print:

Your private Creative Activation session is non-refundable and all sales are final.

Image by Dakota Stroud.

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