Empathic Amplification: Showing Up Digitally on Your Own Terms Workshop


I’m holding a vision for you, and it looks like this:

Imagine logging into any of your social media platforms, with your beliefs and your actions firmly in alignment. You don’t waffle or scroll; you post when you want to, and then move on to making things with your hands that actually fill your life with action and meaning.

So many of us often feel the disconnect between our innate humanness and apps that sell us the promise of connection. When we log out, we feel emptier than when we logged on.

What if we created expectations of social media that served our unique lives, rather than the corporate platforms themselves?

The truth is, social media is changing rapidly (witness the new interface on Instagram, which features shopping instead of connection and community building). We cannot continue to attempt to use old expectations of how to show up– we’ll feel the impact in ways that harm our ability to do good in the world!

This workshop centers on who you are and what you need in order to maximize your experience on social media. You’ll walk away knowing how to show up in a way that serves YOU– so that you aren’t leaking time and energy to a faceless corporation who sees you as a cog in the system. 

You’ll Learn:

  • How to show up digitally without guilt, trepidation, or burden
  • How to set expectations on social media that serve you and your unique experience
  • How to express yourself with sincerity and consistency online
  • How to plug energy and time leaks, so that you can realize your full vision outside of social media

This class is for you if:

  • You’ve experienced social media stress or burnout through the time you’ve spent online
  • You’ve felt “cloudy” or “fuzzy” about what to post in the moment
  • You’ve felt pressure to post when there are 10,534 other things you’d rather be doing
  • You know that you need to show up on social media in some way, but can’t quite get a handle on what that needs to look like for you
  • You want to start the new year KNOWING in your bones that you’ve got a better way to show up digitally– one that centers your singular needs for time, energy, and connection.

We all know what hasn’t worked for us in the past– ascribing to the rules set by social media platforms about how to play the game.

It’s time to activate our own empathic souls and show up digitally on our own terms, full-on, middle fingers up, in service to ourselves.

The fine print:

Upon your purchase, you will receive a confirmation via email. Please check this confirmation/receipt for the attached pdf, which will have a clickable link and password which will allow you to view the workshop. 

As is customary with digital products, Empathic Amplification is non-refundable and all sales are final.

Pricing for this workshop is based on a sliding scale model with the hope to fulfill a vision of imperfect anti-capitalism. Please consider your intersections of privilege if you apply it, as an honor system. If you are in financial need, use code “community ” for 50% off at checkout. If there is a monetary amount that is more accessible to you than what the discount offers, please use the contact form on the front page of my website and we can figure it out (no justification necessary). I am a full-time creator and need to be paid for my time, effort, and energy, and I also want this offering to be accessible to everyone who needs it.

Image by @visionsofchelsearose.