VISIONARY AMBITION: Planning the Project of your Dreams and Saying FUCK YOU to New Years Resolutions


When you know in your bones that time is a construct, planning for your creative projects can feel like a failure set up. After all, aren’t we supposed to be making and constructing cool shit, not feeling our eyeballs glaze over looking at spreadsheets?

Visionary Ambition is the answer taking you from anxious and not knowing where to start to being in the flow.

Fuck New Years Resolutions and cookie-cutter goal planning. 

How many times have you woken up on January 1st, peeped at your social media, and been hit with a wall of talk about what people are going to achieve for the coming year? I can feel my brain going into analysis panic mode right now– realizing “oh shit, I better get myself together. Crap, what does together even mean??! What do I need to change? What do I need to FIX, right the fuck now???”

I know this feeling intimately. Years ago, I felt stress mounting from the time I built my plan for executing my resolution (hurried, guilt-ridden, and often full of holes I would tell myself I’ll tend to later) to that eye-roll inducing moment, near the start of February, when I decided to just give up. 

This happened for YEARS, until I decided to give myself over to my natural instincts and embrace the fact that I was indeed capable of achieving the goals I set for myself. The moment I changed the way I planned to hit my goals, was when I started actually moving closer towards them. This is what Visionary Ambition brings to you, as ripe with magic as it is with manageable ideas to get you amped.

Visionary Ambition is more than just buying a planner– it’s the process of giving yourself the room to really acknowledge and feel through exactly what you want to achieve– and more importantly, what that entire process feels like so that you can maintain and even increase momentum as you move forward. Visionary Ambition gives you everything you need, in one place, to set you up for success, knowing and respecting that every person’s success is varied, rich, and absolutely doable.

You’ll learn:

  • How to decide on a goal, when you’ve got a million ideas and only one brain and body to actually make it happen
  • How to visualize your goal, and connect it intrinsically to your very being
  • What you need to do so that you’re armed with enough information to buoy you into taking action
  • How to actually make a plan that you’ll stick to by focusing on bite size mini-goals that speak directly to you
  • What to do when you lose momentum
  • How to plan for your success, with intention at the center of your deliberate actions.

The best part? Visionary Ambition is being released now so that you can implement it far before that once tricky, discombobulating New Years morning. When you wake up on January 1st, your plan will be thoroughly realized and ready for you to get moving on (if you haven’t already started on it!).

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Seven video lessons that will move you through every part of my creativity-driven, intuition-based goal setting process
  • An audio Creative Stimulation on visualizing your goal
  • Guidance to center the research you need to anchor your research-laden actions
  • An audio Creative Stimulation on motivation and what do to when you lose focus
  • A customizable tool to address challenges and how to slay them

Imagine feeling confident and grounded enough to laser focus on the small wins as you achieve your overarching vision.

Whether you’ve been accepted to put on a 24-hour performance at the Los Angeles Contemporary Art Museum or are setting up a one-time virtual show of your forth zine about 90’s dance parties, you’re gonna need a plan for that– and Visionary Ambition is ready to help you co-create it. 

Your dream project doesn’t start January 1st– it starts today. 

The fine print:

Pricing for this course is based on a sliding scale model with the hope to fulfill a vision of imperfect anti-capitalism. Please consider your intersections of privilege if you apply it, as an honor system. If you are in financial need, use code “community ” for 50% off at checkout. If there is a monetary amount that is more accessible to you than what the discount offers, please use the contact form on the front page of my website and we can figure it out (no justification necessary). I am a full-time creator and need to be paid for my time, effort, and energy, and I also want this offering to be accessible to everyone who needs it.

Upon your purchase, you will receive a downloadable link that says “CLICK ME TO GET STARTED.” That’s how you’ll enter the class.

As is customary with digital products, Visionary Ambition is non-refundable and all sales are final.

Image by @visionsofchelsearose.

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