The Visual Nimbus Experience


You, as a force of nature, light up the sky with your inherent eternal expanse.

The Visual Nimbus is a tool to refocus and bridge the gap between how you might be feeling in your hazy state and the hyper aligned person you’re destined to re-awaken. You’ll receive a unique portrait experience that captures the very essence of you. We’ll develop your Visual Nimbus Wash in watercolor gauche paints.  Atop that, your eyes will float in archival ink, direct and unapologetic.

Place it in your office, next to your bed, on your own altar, as an anchor of the clarity of vision you have for your own projects and the world.

Your completed 8×10 inch portrait on heavy watercolor paper will arrive via USPS ready for framing in 6-8 weeks from ordering, after a Visual Nimbus consultation via email. You’ll also receive a high res digital copy via email.



Original watercolor gauche wash with inked portrait

8 x 10 inches

painted on heavy watercolor paper

signed by the artist, Aurora Lady


Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 9 × 12 × .25 in

Size Chart

8 x 10 inches Signed by the artist