Your Email Newsletter as a Relationship Portal


A course that takes creatives from start-to-send in eight stimulating days.

It’s a real stomach churner to spend so much time strategizing, writing captions, sizing and editing artwork, and then begin agonizing over likes, shares, and comments. Yours truly has been there. Frustration. Competitive feelings. It’s a total time suck, and it doesn’t serve your art– or your heart– at all!

In Your Email Newsletter as a Relationship Portal, you’ll find a different way to connect with others about your art.

(Not to mention this lil factoid, which needs to be said because we are creatives living in a capitalist world in the midst of a pandemic: when I send out an email newsletter that focuses on my offerings, I am likely to see at LEAST a 100% increase in my revenue.)

You’ll learn:

  • What to write in your newsletter so that you stay connected to your subscribers.
  • The questions to ask yourself right before you hit send, so that your vision is communicated.
  • Clarity about what your newsletter needs to say, & what your  portal needs to look like
  • What you need to have ready BEFORE you invite folx into your portal
  • How to create an opt-in that connects you to people who are stoked on your art
  • The mindset shift to take you from feeling sleazy about selling to excited about connecting.

It’s 100 percent time for you to live your life making art and connecting with folx who want that art in front of them. 


  • Knowing that you actually have time to work on your tomato garden/hand-sewn Abba-style spandex jumpsuit/third pop punk synth single/18th book about human design/pseudo fancy veggie meals, because you won’t be waffling for hours about what to say in each newsletter and then giving up in exasperation.
  • Not worrying about being shut down like your best friend’s fourth Instagram account, and having to start over from scratch.
  • Sharing a new project and knowing that an algorithm is not going to be making the decision on whether it’s valuable enough for your subscribers to see in the first place.
  • Feeling your face break into a jittery grin (internal fireworks! so many heart eyes! light bolt thoughts!) when someone connects at the other end of the relationship portal that you created.

Um, also? You should know that if if you’re running a business, Your Email Newsletter as a Relationship Portal is a tax write-off.  

Get the goods! Your portal awaits, Stargazer.

The fine print:

Pricing for this course is based on a sliding scale model with the hope to fulfill a vision of imperfect anti-capitalism. Please consider your intersections of privilege if you apply it, as an honor system. If you are in financial need, use code “community ” for 50% off at checkout. If there is a monetary amount that is more accessible to you than what the discount offers, please use the contact form on the front page of my website and we can figure it out (no justification necessary). I am a full-time creator and need to be paid for my time, effort, and energy, and I also want this offering to be accessible to everyone who needs it.

Upon your purchase, you will receive a downloadable link that says “CLICK ME TO GET STARTED.” That’s how you’ll enter the class.

As is customary with digital products, Your Email Newsletter as a Relationship Portal is non-refundable and all sales are final.

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