Rhythm Changes: The Mini-Movie!

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Rhythm Changes: The Mini-Movie!

When Victoria Innocenzi, Taleen Kali and I got together a few weeks ago to collaborate on my lookbook for my new tee collection, “Rhythm Changes”, it felt good. REALLY, REALLY GOOD.

You remember how when you were grouped together in classes for a project and you’d end up doing ALL of the work, and you could feel that ugly feeling of people shirking their responsibilities, and then it happened, and it made you dread the whole thing, even though you were studying something immensely interesting like the Black Plague?

This was not like that. I could tell, even in the planning stages, that there was a special sort of mind meld as we dug deeper into the project, firing away ideas and running back and forth with them.

As a result, our day shooting was filled with laughter, heart-to-hearts, and blasting Hole over and over. We spent time bonding over Hole’s influence over each of us. Honestly, Courtney is so intrinsically tied to my adolescence that I can’t imagine what it would have been without her.

Victoria, our photographer, wasn’t necessarily planning on shooting a video, but she ended up doing it anyhow. For about two seconds all of us were deliberating what music to set it to, and then Taleen remembered that her band Tulips did a cover of Hole’s “Live Through This”. WHEW! Could it be any more perfect?!

I’m so grateful that this was made. I’m so grateful for project synergy, and top notch collaborators. I’m so grateful to share this with you. xo

Starring: Taleen Kali
Shot/ Edited By: Victoria Innocenzi

Special Thanks to: Michelle Bonfils, Mirabelle Jones, and Catrena Boylan
Music: Tulips covering Hole’s “Live Through This”

View the Rhythm Changes Lookbook here.

Grab a tee!

A. Lady

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