The Pussyhat Project

The Pussyhat Project

The Pussyhat Project Aurora Lady

You might have heard about a little movement that grew and grew and grew– it’s called The Pussyhat Project, and its genius lies in its simplicity. Basically, knit, crochet, or sew a pink Pussyhat for the Women’s March on Washington.

The word is a reclamation of our now president’s statement to “grab em by the pussy”. The co-founders, Krista Suh and Jayna Zweiman, created the idea, and then got together with Kat Coyle who made the original pattern. I was then brought in to create all of the artwork for the pattern, the website, and all accompanying pieces.

The combination of art and activism is sticky. It’s tough. And if it’s really good, it’s amenable to change. I wanted to create a distinctive look that didn’t have a clean polish to it– one of the things that drew me to the project was that its power lied in the handmade. I wanted my hand to be seen in this piece, perceived “mistakes” and all.  This was an extremely grassroots project, and we wanted to highlight the idea that no matter your skill set or position, there is a place for you to be involved.

Pussyhat project aurora lady Pussyhat project aurora lady

All of the pieces to the visual identity were hand drawn and painted using watercolor. I then inked to my hearts content!

This project was epic and gave me so much to chew on thought-wise– things that will no doubt make it into my private work in the future. It ended up blowing up: we saw knit pussyhats on celebrities, featured on The View, and, um, The New York Times, to mention a few.

How are you using your resources to be an activist, in a time where every contribution is so necessary?

A. Lady

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