Who The Fuck Is Taleen Kali? x A Cruise Ship in the Pacific Ocean


Who The Fuck Is Taleen Kali? x A Cruise…

Last week, my best friend Augusta Gail and I took a cruise together (the JoCo Cruise, if you are looking for a place to escape once a year into a cosplay/gaming/podcast dreamland). I did a ton of chilling out and writing which was so needed, but of course, I couldn’t sit still. The ship is in pristine condition and much of it is still styled in a late 80’s and early 90’s sort of sparkle.

We had to take advantage of the visuals.

I found my new Who The Fuck Is Taleen Kali? shirt, grabbed my camera, and we smeared some glitter on. In half an hour, we had this set of photos and big smiles on our faces.

That shirt? It’s a lil sumpin sumpin from our friend, rock extraordinaire Taleen Kali. You might remember the phrase from once being on Keith Richards chest. You’ll wanna peep this interview here to get the low down on it. I really love this shirt. It’s the perfect cut, with a round neck and fitted close to the body. I thought I packed it up when we left the ship, but BAD NEWS! It did not come home with me and has been sacrificed to someone else. I’m hoping that person googles Taleen and hears her music!

Can I just expound on the wonder of Augusta for a moment? She’s a great friend. In cases like this, where I’ve got the itch to make something creative with very little planning, she’s always game. And she gives good face, hard, even if that means looking vaguely evil. She’s sweet, kind, tough, and most of all, present. I’m always at least a little bit in love with her.

shirt: Taleen Kali
photographer / MUA: Aurora Lady
model: Augusta Gail

A. Lady

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